Best Basketball Shoes Reviews and Buying Guide

What are the best basketball shoes available on the market today? And how to pick the right model? are indeed the most well-known question for basketball players. The game of basketball is a game of quick action and fast movement requiring its players to jump up, turn and run speedily. Regardless of whether you are an expert player or not, you need to buy a good and quality basketball shoe to help enhance your ability.

If the basketball shoes are not comfortable enough or they sometimes fall short for the player’s playing position, they tend to make the movement confined, thus making the player get skirted by more agile players. Great basketball shoes will secure against injury and enhance the playing performance of the player. With such a large number of styles, colors, and designs, they look awesome on and off the basketball court. High-quality shoes for basketball plays an essential part in holding up the player during the game.

Not just that, there is more to basketball shoes. And as every single experienced player will support the motion, these are the true indicators of achievement inside the basketball court. In light of this, we know you can hardly wait to put on the best basketball sneakers in your next game. So, let us save you the energy, time and difficulty you will experience at the market while searching for the right shoe for you by providing you with the buying guide and the top ten best basketball shoes available today.

Benefits of Having Good and Quality Basketball Shoes

The advantages you get from putting on the best performance basketball shoe are numerous. In this segment, we will discuss some of the great benefits you will get immediately you wear the best shoes for basketball.

Enhances Footwork Movement

Basketball game puts monstrous weight on feet and ankle and a decent shoe gives its player great boldness and assurance to hop, run and move, improving his performance than normal. Lateral fastness is an essential part when it comes to the game of basketball. In the event that the defender is somewhat slow, he will be effectively pushed aside which may bring about losing the game.

A high-quality shoe for basketball helps its player in enhancing footwork movement while playing. It assists players in boosting their level of skill and likewise lessens the odds of injury in the court.

Simple Playing

Good performance basketball shoes make the playing quite easy. As there are jumping, running and moving amid the game, a good basketball shoe basically enhances these exercises of the players. Basketball players can play the game with no hazard. They can likewise enhance their footwork movement by getting the best outdoor basketball shoe model. This will ultimately enhance their playing ability and skill.

Supports Playing Style

Before purchasing the shoes for basketball, the player should assess their style of playing. This will assist them in narrowing their choices in purchasing the right shoe. Contingent upon their particular style of playing, players can make a decision on the kind of basketball shoes that suit them the best.

Post-players can pick high-tops for included ankle soundness as their position requires a high recurrence of jumping and landing. A ball-handler can choose low-tops as they are always needed to hand-push the ball. An overall player who exceeds expectations in all parts of the game would certainly benefit from mid-tops since they offer great support and are not extremely heavy in weight.

Decreases Injury

The game of basketball is a quick pace game and exerts colossal weight on the foot and ankle, then moving towards back and knees. Without a nice basketball shoe, the player will be placing itself in getting wounds and the majority of them occur while landing and jumping in wrong ways. Good shoes for basketball will give enough support and absorb the shock from continuous movement.

Mid-cut or high-cut style shoes with great padding are perfect in offering great ankle bolster and decrease the occurrence of twisted ankle and injuries. A decent midsole will ingest the greater part of the body pressure and exert forces.

Enhances Traction Force

Despite the fact that the talent level of a player relies upon their ability, it can’t be dictated by great basketball shoes. Notwithstanding, shoes that have a great traction on the bottoms will enable the player in achieving better standing, which can possibly enhance their performance on the defense level. Traction force is essential on the court as the basketball player is required to move along in a way.

The traction force can be enhanced with an aptly built shoe external sole that can likewise assist the player in enhancing their dribbling ability. External soles surface that is produced with the herringbone design, high-quality material, and flatter surface improve traction force providing its player with better speed and movement while playing.

Enhances Shoe Breathability

The well-designed upper shoe part gives stability and protection during the game. The superb upper material gives breathability and durability to the shoe and this makes the shoe stay new all through the game.

Many producers are creating lightweight blend upper materials that are built with synthetic and mesh leather. Leather provides you with sturdiness and the synthetic mesh offers breathability and flexibility. Most recent technologies utilized in the production of basketball shoe aides in enhancing the feel, lockdown, fit and breathability of the shoes.

Types of Basketball shoes

There are various kinds of basketball shoes in the world in various weights, heights and cushioning. The type of basketball shoes mirrors the kind of a basketball player. A correct shoe type that matches well can help enhance your style of playing and also help you to jump well or keep running across the basketball court in speed. So, what are the various types of basketball outdoor shoes? In the world of basketball, there are three major types of b-ball shoes. We will discuss them one after the other.


When it comes to the best high-top shoes for basketball, the material used to make the shoe stretches upward and covers all over the foot’s bottom part. This will give extra support to the wearer. Generally, bigger players pick these shoe types as they search for sturdiness when they fight for rebounds. Unlike other cuts, these basketball shoes are heavier due to the the extra material utilized on high-tops.


These type of shoes can likewise be stated as all-round basketball shoes. The explanation behind the same is that they give some ankle support like that of high-top types and will likewise guarantee great flexibility. If you’re searching for a balanced style of play, then you can opt for basketball shoes that fall under this type.


In this type, you will discover that the basketball shoes are sliced low ample to enable free and easy movement of the foot. This kind of shoe can possibly be the best option for basketball players searching for better speed and agility and they can likewise be the best option for guards. Despite the fact that these shoes are well-known for their capacity to promote fastness, they enhance the likelihood of rolled lower leg. Thus, even the best low-top shoes for basketball should be utilized with the utmost care at play sessions or training.

Factors to Consider When Searching for a Good Shoe for Basketball

There are some basic things you may need to consider when looking for the right basketball shoe for you. Contingent upon what you are searching for, your choice will be controlled by the different advantages provided by the numerous choices placed before you. For instance, those seeking to just buy for fashion sake, who are not planning on taking them outdoor on the basketball court, might only need to consider style and comfortability when shopping.

On the contrary, those that are searching for a durable and long-lasting shoe for basketball which they are planning to use in novice competitions should seriously consider the following features:

The size of the Shoe

It is essential that you are aware of your shoe size before attempting to purchase a pair of shoes for basketball. In case you are not sure about the size of your shoe, it is better you get your feet measured in order for you to be able to get the right and the best basketball shoes. You will notice that the feet usually change their shape and size after some time. Having an idea of the actual length and width will go far in helping you purchase the right pair of basketball shoes.

basketball shoes

Your Playing Style

As discussed already in this article, the basketball shoes usually come in three particular styles i.e. the low-tops, mid-tops, and high-tops. The most preferred shoe style is normally subject to your playing style. The low-tops are well-known to be the lightest pair of shoes. Majority of players usually prefer these style of shoes. They give you the chance to enhance your speed and quickness. However, this kind of shoe isn’t too good at providing ankle bolster.

The mid-tops are regarded as the most popular shoe style and can provide support up to the ankle height level. They are great at giving support to the ankle. This implies that a player’s freedom of movement isn’t compromised in any way. The high-tops usually give the best level of ankle support and durability. However, this kind of shoes is usually weighty. This is a direct result of the additional material that was utilized for supporting the ankle.


When playing a basketball game, you will continually be in motion. Do you want your playing to be good? if yes, then your movement should be fast and controlled. To achieve this, you will require basketball a shoe that gives great traction. In case you don’t know what traction means, it is how effective the sole of the shoe grips the ground. This prevents you from slipping and also helps in movement control. Different patterns of sole give different traction potential outcomes.


The game of basketball is indeed a high-intensity game. You will be jumping and running vigorously amid a game. This exerts plenty of strain on the feet. The shock of motion can possibly cause injuries. Moreover, intense shocks can disturb your responsiveness. That is the reason you will need a basketball shoe that ingests all the shocks of movement while playing the game.

Level of Comfort

Picking and wearing the lightest and comfortable best rated basketball shoes is a thoughtful way to make the most of your basketball game without any disturbances or hassles. There is nothing more hassle and worse than purchasing a pair of shoes for basketball which is extremely big because it can really be a risk of injury and other kind of hassles. It is essential that you are aware of your feet size before purchasing any shoe for basketball.

Study sole

The sole of your basketball shoe should have the capacity to deal with all the moving and jumping. It should be sufficiently thick to ingest some jumping or movement shocks. And also, it should have the capacity to shield you from slipping on the court.

It is essential that you test-run your basketball shoes before getting them. If not tested and tried, you may purchase a large or a small shoe. You can get frustrated because of this. You should make sure you try then out before buying so as to get an exact sense of the fit. The ideal time to test-run the basketball shoes is after an exercise or amid the evening since the feet always expand after the day’s activities.

The Design

You need to properly consider the design of a shoe because it plays a major part in purchasing the best basketball shoes. Shoes for basketball are usually available in plenty of unbelievable and attractive, which makes your shopping task more intriguing. These numerous choices help you to choose your most-loved design with no confusion.

Respectable brand

You need to consider the shoe brand before purchasing it. You will discover that there are diverse brands that you can make your choice from. Few of the outstanding brands in the market that have been producing the top rated basketball shoes are the Nike, Under Amour, Reebok, Jordan, and Adidas.


Popularly known basketball players often wear highly-priced basketball shoes, however, it is another thought that safeguards your money and also helps to pick the branded shoes for basketball. The most effective basketball brands give extremely durable and high quality basketball shoes at highly competitive rates. These are really the very important aspects that definitely help you to pick the dazzling pair or exceedingly durable shoes for basketball without spending more time and money.

Top Ten Best Basketball Shoes on the Market Today

So, if you are finding it hard to get a sensible pair of shoes for basketball, then you don’t need to stress yourself again, just sit back and check out this list of best basketball shoes.

1. Nike Men’s Kobe XI Elite Low

This basketball shoe is a good shoe for the point guards. The Nike Men’s Kobe XI fits perfect with the quick and fast-paced players. The manufacturing technology and materials are awesome. This is the reason the model has turned out to be well-known to the point guards in a short time.

The technologies of the shoe are the primary choice for elite athletes. For natural movement, the responsive Lunarlon froth is utilized with flex grooves. The zoom air unit enhances the responsiveness of the foot. Also, the TPU yarn makes this basketball shoe to be fast and light.

Nike Mens Kobe XI Elite

The upper part of the shoe construction is built with fly knit yarn that is very strong, light and flexible. It gives the wearers a form-fit comfort and also gives vitality for fastest moves. The mid-sole of this shoe is built with a special pad that provides great support for the mid-foot. The Outsole is made of rubber. Since the rubber has great traction, it grasps the surface of the basketball court pretty well.

The fly knit yarn is a special technology for Nike Men’s Kobe XI which makes the shoe very strong, flexible and lightweight. It is a sort of knitting system for the shoe producer’s organization. Formfitting, lightness, performance, and sustainability are the key targets of the Fly-knit framework. The mesh tongue is required for a great breathability.

The fly-knit keeps the foot cool always and aids the ventilating of the shoes. For each motion, responsive padding innovation supports all aspects of foot, for example, ankle and heel. Low-top style makes the basketball shoe very light and players turn out to be quick on the court. It gives vitality to the ankle.

This kind of rubber sole gives great multi-directional traction. The technology supports the quick players, especially for the point guards on the court.


  • Great materials
  • It is fast and light-weighted
  • The shoe is sustainable and tough
  • Excellent sole traction
  • Mid-sole cushioning comes with ankle support and is responsive.


  • The size is very narrow. An Issue for men with wide feet.

2. Under Armor Men’s Curry 2.5

The Under Armor is one of the top 10 basketball shoes with great design and eye-catching color. The shoes fit consistent with size. It features a 13-ounces insole foam which gives a wonderful comfort amid a play. The outsole traction of the shoes is awesome and they have an exceptionally superb grip on the court. The basketball shoes hold the feet comfortably and securely. It has a lot of cushions which give guards to the players of point guards on the court.

Under Armour Mens Curry 2.5 Basketball Shoe

The molded synthetic upper is for cozy fit and light weight. The durability of the basketball shoes is likewise great. The mid-sole provides soft padding and it is awesome for the foot base. The rubber is ideal for b-ball shoes. Since it’s ground traction is superb. The primary benefit of rubber is the waterproofing ability.

The outer PU shell technology provides stronger support for durability and structure. Due to that, the shoe’s shape never gets tampered by the continuous use of the basketball shoes. The heel and shank counter technology gives soundness of heel in the shoe. The arch and forefoot of the shoe provides great support and reduces the foot slippages inside the shoe.


  • Great fitting rate
  • It is light-weighted for shaped synthetic material
  • Durable shoe life. So it can be used for a long period
  • Soft cushioning for heel bolster
  • Excellent outsole traction


  • A bit issue with the lacing framework. It gets easily loosed-up even after tying it tightly.

3. Men’s Curry 3 Low

The Men’s Curry 3 is another great product made by Under Amour and it is a creative outline for the point guards court. Therefore, the basketball players with this shoe get great speed while playing. The making technologies and materials inspire the basketball players. The outsole and its ground footing are superb. The shoe’s cushioning technology makes basketball players more comfortable while playing.

Synthetic and textile materials are utilized for light weight, for upper construction and to enhance the shoe’s sustainability. Charged padding for mid foot and heel support. The mid-sole pad retains the impacts of running and jumping while playing. A shoe’s outsole design is very essential for the quick players.

Under Armour Mens Curry 3 Low Basketball Shoe

A shoe’s traction capacity is very important. The anti-slippage system of a shoe is known as traction. Therefore, the traction quality of an outsole should be great. So, the outsole traction of Men’s curry 3 basketball shoe is really amazing. Herringbone traction style of a shoe’s outsole is exceptionally prominent. This is because the outline drawn underneath the sole has a great force on the ground.

However, the slippage likelihood of the shoe stays almost at a zero level. Textile fabric wraps the upper part to lessen the warmth and keep your foot cooler for participating in the game for a long time. It features a hi-tech or charged foam for a support amid a fast cut, jump and run.

The responsive charged or hi-tech foam is utilized for the heel, mid foot and ankle supports for point guards. Since the point guards are usually dribbling and passing the ball to enable them to gain control of the game.


  • Resilient and lightweight
  • Original making materials
  • Herringbone design traction for great grip
  • Mid-sole pad for mid foot support
  • Responsive charged cushion for ultra-guard for ankle and heel


  • Sometimes, it is hard to get the right size when buying online

4. Nike Jordan CP3.VIII

This is one of the best Jordan basketball shoes that has the signature of b-ball legend Chris Paul on it. The technologies and design keep most players more eager to play ignoring the opponents across the basketball court. This basketball shoe is well-known as a killer of opponents. It is durable, responsive and fast. It gives players the power and energy to win at any rate.

Mesh and synthetic upper part give this shoe a pleasant look. The upper part is highly durable, long-lasting and lightweight. A soft padding mid-sole is utilized for a comfy fit. The pad gives mid-foot and heel support. It works admirably for tough and fast basketball players.

Jordan Mens Jordan CP3.VIII Basketball Shoe

The shoe’s outsole is made of rubber. The rubber outsole is highly waterproof and grips well on the ground. This shoe reduces the incidence of foot slippage while jumping and running during the game, thus making players play in a relaxed disposition.

Nike makes use of flight web technology to design this basketball shoe. The technology helps the player’s foot to fit perfectly in the shoe and it also makes the pad more comfortable and springy. it can ingest the impacts from running and jumping. The strong plastic frame is utilized around the shoe’s lateral side. It shields the sole from peeling off. This basketball shoe has a nice look as well.


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Great making material and design.
  • Rubber sole with great floor traction
  • Very springy cushion that ingests the shocks from running and jumping
  • Soft cushion for comfy use.


  • The size is very narrow. An Issue for men with wide feet.

5. Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation

Adidas is a notable name in the world of athletic shoes. The brand has been releasing so many great products for a long time now. The Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation is one of their great releases. The most essential feature of this basketball shoe is its utilization of Cloudfoam soles. Created by Adidas, the Cloudfoam technology takes into consideration maximum cushioning and comfort. The cushioning is imperative since it helps manage the shocks and impacts during play.

This basketball shoe also comes with great soles. When playing basketball, you won’t like the situation whereby you will be slipping on the basketball court. it has a rubber outsole which features a strong zigzag layout. This gives enough traction to the shoe while playing basketball.

adidas Performance Mens Cloudfoam Ilation

Another essential feature to check out is the support that this shoe gives your feet and ankles. The high collar guarantees that your ankle and feet will always be steady. This reduces the possibility of getting injured and it keeps you very active.

While playing, you won’t place full attention on your basketball shoes. With this Cloudfoam Ilation by Adidas, this isn’t a problem. The shoe fits great on your feet. The materials and design are likewise something to be very proud of. The shoe has great detailing on it. It has perforated openings. This is to guarantee that your feet get sufficient ventilation while playing.


  • It comes from a solid and respectable brand
  • It is very affordable
  • It is very affordable
  • It is very durable.
  • The Cloudfoam padding guarantees comfort
  • It looks great


  • The basketball shoe isn’t bad, but rather it is just pretty average

6. Nike Jordan Men’s Air Jordan 1

The Air Jordan mark is a standout amongst the most notable names when it comes to basketball shoes. The first product of Air Jordan was launched 30 years back. Several successors have come out over the years and they’ve all really been incredible.

The Air Jordan 1 is quite classic and this is the reason it is one of the top 10 shoes for basketball. Most basketball players like the product greatly that Nike has continued to release it for quite a number of years. The main reason why most people cherish it is that it comes possesses all the essential features. Most importantly, the shoe has strong traction. The soles of the shoe won’t allow you to slip off easily. It allows you to play on the basketball court without any difficulty.

Nike Mens Air Jordan 1 Retro High Basketball Shoe

Another reason behind its long lifespan is due to its good support. This is somewhat surprising. Since the design date of the shoe back to the year 1984, you did not expect the emphasis on ankle support. However, the shoe does a great job guaranteeing that your ankle will not get hurt while playing.

There is likewise the comfort feature. You will value the Air Jordan’s strong collar security. It won’t allow your feet to slip away. Besides, they’re cushioned to ensure that your legs and ankle don’t chafe. It likewise helps greatly that the Air Jordans is made of quality materials. The upper area was made with great quality leather which make it look awesome to people. The durability of the shoe is ensured because of the synthetic parts.

The major issue with this basketball shoe is due to its 1984 design and style. The technology of b-ball shoes did not remain still since that period. There are diverse technical tweaks and innovations that may go past you. Cushioning is the greatest casualty. It gives sufficiently fair cushioning. However, you will feel the basketball court mostly with your feet because it does not utilize some of the most recent cushioning technologies.


  • It comes from a popular and well-known manufacturer
  • A very classic design
  • This shoe works everywhere
  • It is customizable
  • Great quality for the price


  • The only drawback to this shoe is that is gives an old-school feel. So it may not work well for you if you are the type that enjoys latest things.

7. Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2014 TB

This basketball shoe is outstanding amongst great basketball shoes in the world. In 2014, Nike chose to improve it even. The 2014 release of the Hyperdunk looks incredible, yet does it perform well than the 2013 model? The answer is somewhat lopsided. The basketball shoe has some great points, but likewise has some real flaws. The major one that was noticed by people was in the traction. So, Nike decided to modify the normal style into a herringbone pattern.

The planned outcome was to have made the traction better. Rather, it turned out to be more inconsistent. Though it worked well most times, but there were times when the grip is required to be much more effective on the court.

Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Mens Basketball Shoe

Luckily, the Hyperdunk 2014 figured out how to deal with its score in other sections. First of all, the shoe has high-quality cushioning. It isn’t in the same class with an Air shoe, however it is a bit close. It centers its Lunarlon padding in the forefoot and heel. This makes it more receptive to the movements of the player.

The basketball shoe likewise does some truly great work in the area of support. The dynamic Flywire system around the collar makes sure that your foot remains down. In addition, more platform support ensures stability while turning. Lastly, your foot is kept solidly in place with the help of the heel cup.

This basketball shoe works great in the comfort aspect also. The shoe utilizes similar materials to that of the 2013 version. This means meshes and Hyperfuse. Nike is not fixing what isn’t damaged. The outcome is a pleasant comfy fit.

Other than that, the design of this shoe gives it proper ventilation. Basketball warms up your feet quickly. The will result to sweaty limbs and the unavoidable body smell. With great ventilation, it will not be so awful. This is indeed a great buy regardless of the higher sticker price.


  • It assembles the best of past versions.
  • The blend of hyperflush and mesh make it much more comfortable to wear.
  • You can be faster on your feet.
  • It is lightweight
  • Great quality for the price


  • It has a high price tag
  • It has conflicting or inconsistent traction

8. Jordan Flight Origin 3

The Jordan Flight Origin 3 by Nike is in the move for best outdoor basketball shoes below 100 dollars. Some portion of Nike’s Jordan series, the basics of the design of this shoe should be familiar with the brand by Air Jordan. The major distinction between the two brands is because of the general use of the Flight Origin 3.

Many people purchase shoe because of basketball alone. However, not all people is interested in spending their cash on shoes they use once in a while. It is at this juncture that the Flight Origin 3 comes in. These basketball shoes are still pretty good, but they’re more adapted to regular wear.

Jordan Nike Mens Flight Origin 3 Basketball Shoes

With the 1980s retro style, theses shoes look pretty good. This is why most people like this shoe and the reason behind their buying it. It has a sporty look and it comes in a wide assortment of colors. It likewise sports the Jordan label noticeably on its design.

The upper area of this basketball shoe is nubuck. This is top-notch leather that guarantees durability for the shoe. The other materials used in making this shoe are likewise of great quality. Concerning its sporting abilities, it isn’t precisely the best. Yet at its price tag, you do get a lot of of value for your money. First, it has an excellent traction. It utilizes an elastic outsole with round pattern to make the grip more solid on most court surfaces.

The shoe’s cushioning is by the Air sole unit. The Air technology by Nike might be decades-old, yet it still delivers great experience. You can jump and run around and feel it ingest the shock effectively. The shoe is somewhat lacking when it comes to the support aspect. This is an unlucky legacy of the 1980s retro style. But for sports that doesn’t require you to run around, these are great trainers.

Weightlifters will like the padding and cushioning when carrying out their training. This basketball shoe is really a great fit for many players. You should give it a shot though since there are a few complaints that this basketball shoe is a bit small.


  • A very comfortable and functional basketball shoes
  • They have a great look
  • Great gifts for both teenagers and adults
  • Very affordable


  • As a shoe for basketball, you can do better by buying something more modern.
  • Non-existent collar protection, so expect ankle-ache after having fun.

9. Adidas Performance Men’s Pro Model

In case you are searching for a durable pair of shoes for basketball, then this basketball shoe model should satisfy your desire. They are really a great throwback to the initial Pro Model launched back in the year 1972. They were extraordinary compared to other top rated shoes for basketball. Adidas had to refurnish them with a couple of modern and latest touches.

This basketball shoe is very well-known, but not on the scene for professionals. This is due to the fact that these shoes are the type that you will possibly find in high schools and colleges. This is a simple and basic shoe for grooming sportsmen.

adidas Performance Mens Pro Model Basketball Shoe

How about we discuss the various features that make up this shoe. To start with, we should discuss the traction. The traction of this basketball shoe by Adidas is pretty average. It will deal with most moves. But some positions will expand your chances of slipping or spilling.

Secondly, let’s talk about the support. This is the aspect that the Pro Model exceeds expectations. The collar area has some cushion, but the core of the stableness is its wide midsole. It’s quite level, thus giving wearers a strong stance platform. This is the reason it a standout among the best basketball shoes for players with flat feet. Joined with the immense support is the incredible outstanding cushioning. The infusion-molded midsole likewise gives a decent cushion while playing.

However, what inspires most people to buy this Pro Model by Adidas is because of the durability of the materials used in making them. Adidas made use of synthetic layers to cover the vital parts of the foot while playing. There is even a toe cap made with rubber to give more protection. The outcome is a durable shoe that will keep you going for many seasons.


  • This shoe is highly durable
  • A very easy shoe to use
  • The Pro Model gives maximum protection
  • This shoe still manages to have a great look
  • Very durable design
  • Affordable and great quality for the price


  • The durable and quality materials have a trade-off. The Pro Model is heavier compared to its rivals. If you rely on fast moves, you may find that this basketball shoe ends up slowing down your moves.

10. Under Armor Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 2

This basketball shoe model is another Under Armor’s offering to the world of basketball shoes and it is one of the top rated basketball shoes in the market. This is indeed a kind of surprise since Under Armor brand is a newbie. This basketball shoe is a strong improvement to that.

To start with, we should discuss what Under Armor inserts into the shoe. It utilizes the Charged cushioning framework which is a great replacement to Micro G. however, Micro G system is still there, but just in the sockliner. Lastly, Clutchfit is available, but just in the upper part. These are fun improvements and groundbreaking technologies.

Under Armour Mens Ua Clutchfit Drive Ii

And next to performance, we should begin with the cushioning. The blend of MicroG and Charged is an awesome one. Those who have the idea of the Clutchfit’s cushioning will acknowledge what this pairing. It conveys great responsiveness while reducing shocks.

The Charged framework does great work while being somewhat firmer. It doesn’t have the walking on-mists feel of the MicroG, yet it provides great response time. You will really enjoy more on the basketball court.

Next, there is the traction. The Clutchfit basketball shoe has awesome traction. This is a direct result of its utilization of a herringbone sole style. Under Armor doesn’t know how to fix what isn’t broken, so they try not. The traction is really good in whatever path you are heading to.


  • Great workhorse of a shoe for basketball and other outdoor exercise
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • The shoe is greatly adaptable
  • Made with quality materials
  • Great traction


  • Though not that bad-looking, but if you are someone that really likes beautiful and stylish shoes, then you may not want to buy it.


Snazzy and eye-catching basketball shoes or footwear are all over the market, but picking a perfect pair that feels good and fits well is a different thing entirely. You can know the basic things required from a good shoe for basketball, whether it is optimum flexibility, superior cushioning or firm support.

Determine whether the high-top type is needed for durable ankle support and stability or if the lower cut is designed for players who are usually running all over court. These are the important factors that assist you in picking the highly sophisticated and appropriated basketball shoes without stressing yourself.

Alongside this, you can likewise measure the size of your feet before buying your basketball shoe. The important aspect causes you to pick the right basketball shoe without confronting any challenges. Additionally, you can also make sure that the shoes are produced with smooth materials and fine quality fabrics. By using this buying guide, you can purchase the best basketball shoes that will really feel as well as fit great and function incredibly for years!