Best Golf Bag Reviews. Carry, Stand, Cart Golf Bags and More!

You just spent a fortune on a bunch of new golf clubs. You purchased several collectors’ edition models to make sure that your clubs are the talk of the country club the next time you hit the golf course. You have decided to take your golf game up a step, but your clubs need to be protected by the best golf bag. Since you spent so much on great golf clubs, you don’t want them to become damaged before you reach the 9th hole of your first game with your new golf clubs.

To prevent this unfortunate occurrence from happening, you decide to purchase a new golf bag to protect the clubs. You have never bought a golf bag before, so you are not sure where to find the cool golf bags. This guide is designed to provide you with golf bags reviews to help you get started.

Our Top Golf Bags

What Is A Golf Bag?

best golf bagA golf bag is a device that is designed to keep your golf clubs safe. The best golf bags are designed at a height of roughly 36 inches to make sure that all lengths of golf clubs fit into the bag. The diameter of the bag will depend on a number of compartments that a golf bag has.

Many of the golf bags reviews below have at least four compartments that are separated by full-length dividers that are designed to keep the clubs safe and prevent them from coming into contact with one another.

The best golf bags have much more than just the compartments for the clubs and putters; they also have ample space to carry your valuables. Many top rated golf bags have pockets for storing your golf balls, your scorecard, your pens and pencils, your GPS, and even your drinks. Typically, these added pockets are lined with a waterproof material that helps to keep your things from getting wet in inclement weather. The drink pocket will be insulated to help keep your drinks cold, and they often hold between two and six drinks, though a few in our golf bags reviews can hold up to nine canned beverages.

Some of the golf bags that you can purchase are designed to be carried on your back when you traverse the green, while others attach to a golf cart and hitch a ride. The most important aspect of a golf bag is the fact that it protects, so do not purchase a golf bag that bangs your golf clubs together and damages them before you get to the first hole. The reason for a golf bag is to prevent damage to your equipment, so make sure to get a type of golf bag that accommodates all of your needs and makes your travels across the green an easier prospect.

Types of Golf Bags

There are several types of golf bags to select from. The types are separated into categories based on the way that they are carried. Each type has its benefits and downfalls, so you will need to pick a type that works best for you. The types are:

Carry bags

Carry bagsThe best carry golf bag is designed to be lightweight so that those who like to walk around the course have the option to do so. They also typically have legs to keep the carry bag in an upright position when you set it down to golf.

Since these are being carried, there are not a lot of extra pockets to weight them down. With a carry bag, you will notice that the strap of a ladies golf bags is designed with an adjustable strap so that it will fit on a smaller individual.

Cart bags

Cart bagsThe best cart golf bag is designed for more professional golfers to use. This style of bag is perfect for someone who uses a cart to traverse the green. Typically, these are the heaviest options for a golf bag because they are simply hitching a ride from hole to hole.

They have a lot of pockets and space for a number of golf clubs and putters. Some of the features that all of the best golf cart bags should have are full-length dividers, easy to reach pockets, and insulated coolers.

Staff/Tour bags

Tour golf bagIf you have ever watched a professional tour in action, then you know what this type of bag is. They are typically carried by caddies, and the top golf bags in this category are typically feature heavy devices.

These bags are often made from leather and they sport a company name or sponsor on the side of the bag. These bags tend to be expensive, so they are not a popular choice for beginners.

Stand bags

Stand bagsThe best golf stand bag is often a bag that can be used as both a carry golf bag and a cart golf bag. It typically features two retractable legs to keep the bag from tipping over on the course.

Sturdy leg designs should attach from the top of the bag, not the center, to make sure that the weight of the bag does not cause strain to the legs. They feature a few of the necessary pockets, but this type of bag does not overdo it.

Travel Golf Bags

travel golf bagThe best golf travel bag will be able to accommodate all of your golfing needs, no matter which golf course you are playing on. They are available in a number of sizes so that your travel needs are met as well.

Nothing is as great as being able to take your own golf equipment on vacation with you to explore golf courses while you are away.

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Best Golf Bag Reviews. Carry, Stand, Cart Golf Bags and More!

Best Golf Bag Reviews

1. Cobra Men’s Tech F6 Golf Bag

Cobra Men’s Tech F6 Golf Bag

Cobra Golf is one of the top suppliers of golf equipment. They make some of the best golf bags on the market, and they even have a nice selection of small golf bags that are easy to tote around the course. The Tech F6 is a cobra golf bag that has a 14-way top, which is a convenient way to carry all of your clubs and putters, especially if you have a lot of them. As a result of this versatility, it is one of the best golf stand bags available on the market today.

The top golf bag will hold more than just your golf accessories, and the Cobra Men’s Tech F6 offers plenty of great options. It features waterproof, fleece-lined pockets that are perfect for protecting your valuables and any electronic devices that you may be carrying while you are on the green.


  • Material: 75 percent nylon and 25 percent polyester
  • Measurements: 36 inches tall, nine-inch diameter
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Number of Compartments: 14 main compartments and an external putter port


  • This carry golf bag has a compartment for cold beverages; it has enough space for two canned drinks.
  • When the weather is being difficult, this golf bag conveniently has a port to hold an umbrella.


  • You will not be able to fit a lot inside of the valuables pocket, so make sure not to over pack.
  • This golf stand bag is, unfortunately, easy to tip, especially if you sit it on uneven ground.

2. Sun Mountain C-130

Sun Mountain C-130

Golf bags reviews of the C-130 love the fact that these sun mountain golf bags utilize a 14-way divider. Each of the 14 ports on the bag are sewn from the top to the bottom so that each of your golf clubs are fully separated from each other, which ensures that incidental damage does not occur.

The valuables pocket is also completely lined to give you a weatherproof compartment that is protected from the rain. This pocket is lined with velour-lined to add an extra layer of protection. There is also a separate pocket where a range finder can be housed.

In addition, this bag has a YKK zipper that is effectively a self-healing device. If a tooth happens to disengage from the zipper, it will fix the issue itself. Also, this lightweight golf bag is one of the lightest available, weighing in at less than eight pounds.


  • Material: Cordura Nylon
  • Measurements: 36 inches tall, 10.5-inch diameter
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Number of Compartments: 14 main compartments and one for a putter


  • The Cordura has a UV coating over the material that is designed to protect it from fading over time.
  • The putter port has enough space to fit any grip of putter.
  • All of the pockets on the bag are forward facing to make accessing them easier when they are on a golf cart.


  • This is not the best walking golf bag because it is designed to be used on a golf cart.

3. Ping Pioneer Golf Cart Bag

Ping Pioneer Golf Cart Bag

This Ping pioneer golf bag is designed by golfers for golfers, so you can be assured that it will work for your needs. It is a very spacious golf bag; in fact, this Ping pioneer cart bag has eight pockets and ports. These pockets include:

  • A pocket for your rangefinder or GPS.
  • Two larger pockets for golf apparel.
  • A zip-off ball pocket that is perfect for keeping your golf balls warm while you are golfing in the cold.
  • A valuables pocket that is velour lined and waterproof.
  • A large insulated beverage pocket.
  • An umbrella holder.
  • A putter port.

This is not a golf bag with a built-in cooler, but you can easily carry a six pack of beverages and an ice pack inside the insulated beverage pocket. This is also made from a very strong material, so if it tips, your beverages and your clubs will be secure.


  • Material: Mini-square rip-stop polyester
  • Measurements: 36 inches tall
  • Weight: seven pounds
  • Number of Compartments: 15 main compartments and eight smaller pockets and ports


  • Being able to keep your beverages cool while you are on the course is a major advantage of this cart golf bag.
  • There is a magnetic quick access pocket that is located on the spine of the bag.
  • This line of Ping golf bags uses anti-flex wall construction to protect your gear.


  • The club slots can be a bit tight for larger clubs.

4. Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag

Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag

Nike golf bags are known as some of the best golf stand bags in the world of golfing. This bag is an extremely lightweight bag that has a full eight compartments to hold your golf clubs. In addition, there are nine additional pockets on this bag that include:

  • A full-length apparel pocket.
  • A water-resistant, fleece-lined valuables pocket.
  • A score card and pencil pocket.
  • An insulated cooler pocket.
  • A drawstring pocket.
  • A ball pocket.
  • An accessory pocket.
  • A mesh pocket for bottled drinks.
  • A pen sleeve.

It also has an Equaflex Max Air Curve revolving double strap system that allows you to pick the bag up from a wide variety of angles and carry it. This best golf carry bag also has additional features like a rain hood, an umbrella port, a glove patch, and a GPS loop.


  • Material: Polyester/ nylon
  • Measurements: 36 inches tall, 8.5-inch diameter
  • Weight: Less than four pounds.
  • Number of Compartments: eight main pockets and nine additional smaller ones


  • This golf bag is perfectly sized to be a Nike women’s golf bag.
  • This is the lightest golf bag in our golf bags reviews.
  • This bag is extremely comfortable to carry and it deploys instantly when you need to place it down.


  • The dividers confine your clubs a bit.
  • The material on the inside of the smaller pockets tends to rip easily.

5. Nike Air Hybrid II Golf Bag Carry Stand

Nike Air Hybrid II Golf Bag Carry Stand

This Nike golf bag is the first hybrid golf bag on our list of golf bags reviews. Like the Air Sport III, the Air Hybrid has an Equaflex Max Air Curve revolving double strap system that allows you to evenly distribute the weight of the bag across the shoulders and back. When it comes to the casual golf game, the Air Hybrid II is one of the top rated golf bags in the sport.

One of the reasons why this bag is so great is that it can be used as a golf carry bag and can also serve as one of the better cart golf bags out there as well. If you need to set it down on the green, the bag also has a golf bag stand that you can use for stability. In addition to all of this, the product comes in five colors, including:

  • Crimson
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Black
  • White


  • Material: Polyester/ nylon
  • Measurements: 36 inches tall, 9.5-inch diameter
  • Weight: Less than four pounds.
  • Number of Compartments: fourteen main pockets as well as a few smaller ones.


  • The bag has a ventilated mesh back that keeps you cool while you navigate the green.
  • It has an integrated tee holder.
  • This bag also has three main ways to position it, making it the best golf bag for versatility.


  • It can feel a bit flimsy.
  • The towel ring and the cooler pocket are a bit too small.

6. Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

Callaway 2016 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

This Callaway org 14 cart bag is a great professional golf bag that comes from an iconic golfing company. Calloway golf bags are well-known on tour. In fact, the brand has become one of the more popular golf bag brands for professional golfers. This bag can carry a lot of golf clubs and even has a port for a large-sized putter. In totality, it can carry 14 clubs with a good level of separation.

There are 12 additional pockets that are easy to access, even when the bag is connected to a golf cart. These include:

  • A velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Two full-length apparel pockets
  • A thermal-lined cooler that can hold six canned beverages
  • A ball pocket
  • A GPS or rangefinder pocket
  • A raingear pocket with an umbrella sleeve.


  • Material: Nylon
  • Measurements: 36 inches tall, 10.5-inch diameter
  • Weight: about five pounds
  • Number of Compartments: 14-way divider system with 12 additional pockets for storage.


  • The E-trolley base system and trolley lip are designed to secure this best golf cart bag.
  • It’s available in a wide variety of colors, including a popular black camouflage variation.


  • The bag isn’t very stable. In order for it not to fall over, you’ll have to lean it against something.

7. Cobra KING Golf Bag

Cobra KING Golf Bag

This is the first non-Nike stand bag in this guide. Like our previous Cobra model of golf bag, this product will make you feel like a golf cart king. This particular stand model bag is very well favored in many golf bags reviews. It’s made of very polyester that is resistant to water and inadvertent tearing. The product also includes a rain hood so that your golf clubs and valuables will be well-protected from the elements.

This Cobra King Golf Bag has a four-way top with full-length dividers to separate the clubs. Each pocket is fitted with a waterproof fleece liner that will protect your clubs and valuables. There’s also an oversized apparel pocket and an insulated beverage pocket.


  • Material: Polyester
  • Measurements: 33.5 inches tall, nine inches in diameter
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Number of Compartments: four-way divider system.


  • The apparel pockets are conveniently located on the sides of the bag for easy access.
  • There is an automatic stand system that’s easy to deploy.


  • The adjustable harness strap can be uncomfortable at times.

8. TaylorMade 2016 PureLite Stand Bag

TaylorMade 2016 PureLite Stand Bag

TaylorMade is another great golf bag company that produces a wide variety of professional-friendly golf bag products. The Purelite stand bag is something of a hybrid; it can be used on a push or electric golf cart, it can be carried easily on your back, or it can be placed stand-style directly on the green. Additionally, this product has contoured ergonomic shoulder straps that make your time between the holes much easier. The stand is also anti-slip so that it doesn’t overextend and fall over.

The Purelite also has several utility pockets. These include:

  • A ball pocket
  • An accessories pocket
  • A valuables pocket
  • A full-length apparel pocket
  • A rangefinder pocket
  • Multiple mesh pockets
  • A scorecard pocket


  • Material: Nylon
  • Measurements: 36 inches tall, 9.75-inch diameter
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Number of Compartments: Five-way top.


  • This bag has crush-resistant, full-length dividers that will ensure that your clubs and putters are safe.
  • This is a TaylorMade supreme hybrid stand bag because it can be used as a stand bag or a cart bag.
  • In addition to the pockets, this bag has a Velcro glove tab for carrying your gloves on the course.


  • The pocket design could be improved; they are not always easily accessible.
  • The straps aren’t very comfortable.

9. Bag Boy Revolver LTD Cart Bag

Bag Boy Revolver LTD Cart Bag

The Bag Boy Revolver series of cart bags draws on Bag Boy’s long history in the golfing world. Bag Boy started out in 1946 and has been crafting fine professional-grade golf bags for all of those 70 years. This Bag Boy Revolver LTD bag has a 14-way system that uniquely rotates when you need different clubs. This really makes it very easy to reach just about any club in your bag.

It has Clip-Lok technology that locks each club into place and holds it there to prevent the shafts from touching and causing damage to one another. The Revolver series connects to your cart through a cart strap sleeve. This is a very secure system that makes this Bag Boy golf bag one of the best golf bags available.


  • Material: Nylon
  • Measurements: 35.5 inches tall, 15-inch diameter
  • Weight: Six pounds.
  • Number of Compartments: 14 main compartments and eight smaller pockets.


  • The insulated cooler on this bag has an innovative design that is detachable from the main bag.
  • The cooler can also hold up to nine 12-ounce cans at a time.
  • The revolving system is very convenient; it also ensures that your clubs will not rattle as you travel across the green.


  • The bag is a bit on the heavy side.

10. Titleist 2016 Lightweight Stand Bag TB5SX6

Titleist 2016 Lightweight Stand Bag TB5SX6

Titleist is probably the most iconic brand of golf equipment in the golfing world today. This Titleist lightweight cart bag is a bit of a hybrid because it can be used as a stand bag as well. It even has straps that can be used to carry the bag on your back if that’s your preference. When used this way, the bag has an air mesh hip pad that keeps air flowing so that moisture from sweating is wicked away.

When it comes to storage space, this bag has four divided compartments. These offer plenty of room for your golf clubs to move around without hitting each other during travel between holes. In addition to this, the bag also has six zippered pockets so that you can store your:

  • Apparel
  • Valuables
  • Additional balls
  • Additional pens
  • Beverages
  • Accessories


  • Material: Polyester
  • Measurements: 36 inches tall
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds
  • Number of Compartments: four main compartments and six smaller zippered pockets


  • This Titleist lightweight stand bag is very stable when in the standing position.
  • This has great balance when you’re carrying it.
  • The harness for this bag features a cross design that’s comfortable and reduces shoulder fatigue.


  • It’s a bit on the expensive side.
  • This is not a golf bag with cooler, so you’ll have to use a cold pack in the beverage pocket.

Taking Care of Your Golf Bag

Taking Care of Your Golf Bag
Courtesy of Penn State

Since you are out on the course where dust and soil are in plentiful supply, you can expect your golf bag to get a bit dirty from time to time. Fortunately, golf bags are very easy to clean and general maintenance only takes a few steps.

Before we get into the cleaning process, since you’ll be out in the sun most days, try to get a bag that has some level of UV protection. This will prevent the fading damage that the sun can cause to your bag’s material.

What you’ll need:

  • A cloth
  • Some water
  • A bristle brush
  • Some vinegar

When you first start the cleaning process, you’ll want to hit the outside layers first. Simply dampen your cloth with some warm water (you can add mild soap if you want, and dab all the areas that have collected dirt and debris. Once you’ve done this, use a bristle brush to clean off all of the areas that you missed with the wet cloth.

If you have a golf bag with cooler then you should use a cloth to clean and dry any areas that may be damp. If mold or mildew has accumulated in these areas, use a water and vinegar solution to kill and remove it.

Golf Equipment : How to Organize Golf Clubs in a Bag
Best Golf Bag Reviews. Carry, Stand, Cart Golf Bags and More!

Factors To Consider When Buying A Golf Bag

There are definitely some things that you should consider when you are in the market for a new golf bag. These will make your overall experience better and will also enrich your game. Let’s take a look at some pre-purchase considerations as you search for your new course buddy:

Well-Separated Club Sleeves

Well-Separated Club Sleeves
Courtesy of Yanki01

The point of these golf bags is to carry your clubs and your putters. With this in mind, the top golf bags will always have your clubs as the most important part of its design. Clubs can damage themselves, especially if you’re jostling them around a lot. With this in mind, seek out a bag that has wide club pockets so that there’s plenty of room for your clubs.

Additionally, some bags have built in club holders. These are perfect for keeping your clubs from banging into each other and causing chips in the material.

A Sturdy Standing System

You’ve probably seen it a thousand times on the course; someone is a bit careless and accidentally knocks their standing golf bag down and sends their clubs flying. It’s important that your golf bag has a great free-standing system because these types of spills can really damage your clubs and reduce their overall lifespans. If you’re buying a free standing bag, make sure that it has a wide enough base that will allow it to be held upright securely. Ergonomic golf bags and those created by other brands like Nike, Titleist, and TaylorMade all do a great job at keeping your bag securely planted.

A Secure and Smartly-Designed Cart-tethering System

For those bags that attach to your electrically powered or manual golf bag pull cart, you should ensure that the attachment is secure. As mentioned previously, falling golf clubs are a no-no, so any tethering that you do should be secure.

Additionally, your bag should also have pockets that are positioned so that you don’t have to remove the entire bag from the golf cart when you need something. This means that the majority of the pockets should be forward facing.

A Quality Valuables Pocket

A Quality Valuables Pocket
Courtesy of Daren Eilert

Into each life, some rain must fall. The same can be said about our golfing lives, so when you’re at the course, you’ll want to protect your belongings from water damage. When looking for your next bag, try to find one with a valuables pocket that’s lined with a waterproof material. This will save your items from being ruined during the deluge.

In addition to this, a valuables pocket should also have enough room for you to store your Smartphone, your wallet, your keys, cash, or a few forms of identification. It simply wouldn’t do to have a valuables pocket that can only hold some loose change.

A Beverage Holder with Enough Space for Drinks

Some golf bag manufacturers really skimp in this area. You’ll be on the course for hours, so how’s a single drink holder going to last you for your entire day on the course? When seeking out a new bag, try to find one that can hold at least a six-pack of drinks so that you can stay well-hydrated on the green.

Where to Buy Best Golf Bag?

When you’re looking for a new golf bag, where should you search? Fortunately, there are a plethora of sources that will make getting a new bag easy. You can always hit up a sporting goods store in your local area, but it’s usually much easier to buy a new golf bag online.

Where to Buy Best Golf Bag?
Courtesy of zolsimpression

This is because when you purchase an Amazon golf bag or a golf bag from a site like eBay, you’ll have access to golf bags reviews from other customers that will give you a bit of insight into the bag’s quality.

In addition to this, you can go directly to the manufacturer in most cases. They will most likely have the bag in stock and there’s no middle man. When shopping for a golf bag online, you’ll also have a high amount of product choices that you wouldn’t necessarily have in a brick and mortar shop.

Online you’ll be able to find products from manufacturers like Nike bags Amazon and even rarer bags from Titleist and Bag Boy. Online sites also have constant sales on things like golf bags, so if you’re looking for a deal, try these sites first.


When you buy a golf bag, you’re making an investment in your overall game. Golf bags protect your clubs, your valuables, and also provide a lot of utility for the golfing experience. Your clubs are the most important part of your golf game, so keeping them in tip-top shape is imperative.

A golf bag will keep them from knocking into each other and will keep them stable when you need to change up your club from time to time. If you’re going golfing with a substandard bag, take a moment and think about what that could be doing to your overall game.

Take the time, reread through our golf bags reviews and pick a bag that will last you for years of consistent and enjoyable golf playing. As your game improves, you’ll be glad that you made such a crucial decision for your overall golf experience.