Golf Ball Reviews – Best Golf Balls For Beginners, Pro and Women

Hitting up the course is one of the most rewarding experiences for a golfer. Swinging and landing firmly on the green, putting, and chipping all cannot be accomplished without the best golf balls. The golf ball is often overlooked because it seems like such a no-brainer, but there are several different types that can really affect your overall game.

The best golf ball is subjective, so consulting golf ball reviews will only give you half of the information you need. Your best bet is to judge your own personal preference so that you can make an educated decision before you purchase the top golf balls for you.

Do you have a swift stroke? Then, you’ll want something with a mid-tier compressed core that can take advantage of your swing power. Do you have a little less strength, but want to go for distance? Then, a low compression ball will boost your game significantly. One thing is important: never skimp on your golf ball. We’re going to show you precisely what you need to make an informed decision about the best golf ball for you.

Our Top Golf Balls

What Is A Golf Ball?

best golf ballA golf ball is the very basis of the game of golf. At its base, you need to send the ball into one of the holes and the way that you do that will vary based on your club, your putters, and of course, the ball itself.

Golf balls can have a plethora of cores and compressions, with each having a very noticeable effect on your overall game. Let’s take a look at what is the best golf ball and how a golf ball works to help you come in under par.

How the exterior skin affects the ball – The skin of a golf ball can be either soft or hard. A soft skin provides more rebound. As a general rule, the softer and less firm the covering, the more rebound it will have.

Different types of golf balls and your game – There are several different types of golf balls on the market today. Good golf balls will always work well with your handicap. There are even GPS golf balls that make finding your golf ball on a dimly-lit golf course easy. Check out the golf ball brands that are out there so that you can say, “This is the best golf ball for me.”

Golf Balls Construction

Now that we have an idea about what makes a golf ball tick, let’s take a more detailed look into how a golf ball is typically constructed.


Golf Balls ConstructionWhen you think about how an airplane flies, you probably understand that the bottoms of the wings are used for lift. Well, similarly to how an airplane flies through the air, the dimples of your golf ball function in a very similar way.

Good golf balls use the rushes of air created by their dimples to go at varying speeds, which is why many golf ball reviews are centered around the dimpling system of the golf ball.

Since each manufacturer and each line of golf ball will have a different dimpling system, how each golf ball flies will be dependent on one thing: its spin. When your golf ball is taking flight, the rushes of air that have been created by the dimples go at different speeds.

When the air passes across the specific types of dimples on your ball, a low-pressure zone is a natural result. This results in the air beneath this low-pressure zone, which is a higher pressure level, pushing upwards. The result of this is lift.

If your ball is spinning faster, this upward-buffeting air pressure will cause it to rise higher. If you want a straighter and fast trajectory, then you’ll want a ball that actively inhibits spin so that there is less lift.

As a rule, there are two types of spin that most golf ball manufacturers will attempt to generate. The first type is forward spin. Forward spin actually will inhibit the lift effect and cause your ball to stay much lower to the ground and roll much farther after you’ve hit it.

Backspin, on the other hand, will cause the ball to really rise due to the pressure differential between the low-pressure zone and the upward-moving gust of wind. Even with an average golf swing speed, a ball with good back spin will rise high into the air at a relatively fast rate. Before you start your golfing, it’s a great idea to run a few golf ball tests to see what works best for your game.


golf ball layersOutside of dimples, the layers that comprise a golf ball also really affect how a golf ball will spin. In the past, golf balls used to be comprised of rubber bands that were tightly coiled.

These provided a decent amount of compression, but better materials have been discovered in the layering process. Today, the way the layers are compressed and stacked and how many layers a golf ball has often had a great effect on spin and overall ball performance.

One piece golf balls – When you compare golf balls, these are almost always the cheapest and most baseline golf balls. They are great golf balls for beginners because they don’t have heightened or reduced spin and thusly provide middle-of-the-pack performance. You’ll find these at mini golf courses.

Two-piece golf balls – These are low spin golf balls that are comprised of a tough and thin outer layer that surrounds a solid and larger core. As a result of its lower spin, these are some of the straightest and furthest flying golf balls available.

Three piece golf balls – In professional golfing, these are the most common types of golf balls on tour. With three or even four layers, these balls have a softer cover and a solid core. Sometimes the core can even be comprised of a liquid. These balls utilize a higher spin rate so that they can travel high and far. These also provide the highest level of greenside control and really work best in the hands of skilled golfers.

Five piece golf balls – These are low compression golf balls that were recently introduced in 2010. These are similar to the three and four layer models but tend to have a little more control and more spin.


golf ball compressionHow a golf ball spins will greatly affect its positioning on the generally accepted golf ball spin chart. The way a golf ball behaves when compressed has a lot to do with physics. When you strike your golf ball, the impact causes it to shift and transform in shape.

This is caused by a transfer of energy from your club to the surface of the ball. Compression ensures that the transfer of energy is efficient and smooth so that you don’t end up with an exploded golf ball.

Golf balls remained relatively unchanged since the first dimpled and air compressed balls were invented in the early 20th century, but in 1972 Spalding created the world’s first two-piece golf ball that also added new styles of compression to the golf ball industry.

Compression, like spin, greatly affects distance and control. A low compression ball will add a lot of distance to your shots and are typically rated between 70 and 80 on the golf ball compression chart. Balls that are at a higher level on the golf ball compression chart will still travel far but are typically the top golf balls for those who have a high swing speed. Usually, these balls will have a compression that’s more than 90 or so.

Best Golf Balls for Beginners Reviews

1. Nike Golf GL0710-101 PD9 Long White Bi-Ling Ball

Nike PD9 Long

Everyone knows the name Nike; it’s one of the biggest sporting good and apparel lines in the world. Their line of golf equipment and goods is also very high-quality and this product, the Nike Golf GL0710-101 may just be the best Nike golf ball available. To start, it has a golf ball compression of 72, which means that is designed for high velocity. If you want to send your golf ball flying on the course, then this is the best golf ball for distance.

Longer ball flight is important on many larger courses, which is why the soft core of the Nike Golf GL0710-101 is so useful. Additionally, the cover is softened as well so that you’ll receive optimum bounce on each stroke. Range and speed were definitely what Nike had in mind when they designed these golf balls.


  • Compression: 72
  • Dimples: 324
  • Overall Texture: Soft


  • Even average golf swing speed, these balls are engineered for long distances.
  • If you are playing in the winter, these are the top golf balls for speed and range.
  • The extra oomph that these provide is also what makes these golf balls the best golf balls for seniors with arthritis.


  • These aren’t the top golf balls for putting on the green.
  • They can be a little too soft-feeling, especially if you are using a putter with an insert.

2. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Any golfer knows that softer balls tend to travel faster due to the fact that there is additional rebound on the golf swing. They are designed to be a long and straight flying set of golf balls so that you’ll get the best golf balls ratings for distance. In fact, many golf ball reviews rate these low compression balls as the longest distance golf balls. This is because the low compression reduces spin, which can shorten the range of many golf balls.

Additionally, since these are so low compression, they are the perfect golf balls for playing in colder weather. Cold weather actually increases the compression, which shortens the range, so cold standard compression golf balls are inhibited in colder weather. As a result, you won’t need a lot of power to send these where you want them to go, making them the best golf balls for women and the best golf ball for seniors as well.


  • Compression: 35
  • Dimples: N/A
  • Overall Texture: Supersoft


  • There’s a ton of spring in these because of their super soft compression; you’ll have no range issues at all.
  • These balls also use hex aerodynamics for the truest trajectories available.
  • These come in four colors, including standard white, yellow, multi-colored, and pink; bright colors are perfect for snow covered courses.


  • With their high rebound, they can be frustrating to hit on the putting green.

3. Srixon AD333 Golf Balls

Srixon AD333 Golf Balls

These Srixon AD333 Golf Balls work through a higher compression level; as a matter of fact, they have a variable degree of compression from the core to the perimeter of the ball. Starting at the center, the ball’s innards get harder as they extend outward. Srixon calls this “energetic gradient growth,” and the result is a higher launch angle when you first strike this golf ball.

This ball combines high distance with high launch; as a result, this may just be the best golf balls for high handicappers on our list. The ball is also significantly fast; it has 333 speed dimples that add to its overall flight speed and spin. Standard balls have 80 percent coverage when it comes to dimpling; resulting in a drag coefficient that is a bit higher than what is typically considered optimal. The Srixon AD333’s dimpling is computer designed to reduce drag and result in much higher distances traveled.


  • Compression: variable from core to perimeter
  • Dimples: 333
  • Overall Texture: Soft


  • High and far shots are easier with this golf ball, making it one of the top golf balls for that initial shot.
  • The surface coating uses a “Spinskin” coating that is softer and more flexible. This adds more friction on the shot, which increases spin.
  • These are well-regarded in most Srixon golf ball reviews because of their unique technology.


  • These are only available in neon green and white, which doesn’t give you a lot of visibility options. This combined with the compression makes these suboptimal for winter playing.

4. Titleist Velocity High Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity High Golf Balls

Not only is Titleist responsible for the best rated golf balls, but much of its golf equipment is considered the best in the sport. The Titleist Velocity series is the darling of many golf ball reviews. As a matter of fact, it’s often at the top of the golf digest hot list golf balls as well as the lists for other published Titleist golf balls reviews.

Part of the reason why the Titleist is so popular is because of its explosive velocity that is a result of a large and fast LSX core. The skin on this golf is also incredibly thin, due to the new formulation of NaZ2, which is an ionomer cover blend.

Despite its blazing speed, the Titleist Velocity has a low spin-rate so that drag is significantly reduced during its flight. The 328 dimples on its surface also have sharper edges so that this ball has an exceptional lift. The result of the engineering of this ball is a higher, faster flight.


  • Compression: Unknown (highly compressed)
  • Dimples: 328
  • Overall Texture: Soft


  • This ball is somewhat firm on the chips but is soft enough to putt on the green.
  • It has a higher flight than many golf balls of its type.
  • It has greatly reduced spin.


  • It has a very sharp landing angle that you’ll definitely have to get used to.
  • They are a bit expensive.

5. TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Ball

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Ball

The top golf balls for distance are also oftentimes the top golf balls for playing in the colder months. The TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Ball is actually an excellent all-around golf ball that flies far enough to be used all-year-round. If you’re new to the sport, this is definitely a great choice, as high distance, low compression balls make for the best golf balls for beginners. These are great golf balls for efficiency; TaylorMade used their TEACT core system that stores and releases energy with heightened efficiency.

Most Taylormade golf balls reviews indicate that this series of golf balls are the top golf balls for high handicappers or mid handicappers. These balls have a lower compression that makes them perfect for long distance shots. The spin is very controlled and your shots will be somewhat lower compared to other balls in the same category. Additionally, the balls don’t cost a lot of cash.


  • Compression: 60
  • Dimples: 342
  • Overall Texture: soft


  • These are inexpensive golf balls. The low initial investment is best golf ball for beginners who are just starting out in the sport.
  • They go very far, even if you have an average golf swing speed.
  • If you’re going to be playing in the colder months, you’ll be able to see the yellow version of this ball with ease on the course.


  • These tend to fly in a light chip shot, which is something you’ll have to get used to.
  • Can go too far on the putt.

Best Golf Balls for Professionals Reviews

1. Callaway Chrome Soft 2016 Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft

The 2016 version of Callaway’s Chrome Soft line has a lot of golfers nervous. Some feared that the golf company would firm up the ball too much and it would lose some of its trademark springiness. Fortunately, the Callaway golf balls reviews are in and it seems that the company has actually gone for a somewhat softer texture that will definitely appeal to fans of the Chrome Soft series.

Distance is clearly at the center of the design for this ball. It’s designed to rebound off of your club and achieve the distance you need to win. The previous version of the series had a three-piece construction that allowed for Callaway to use less compression. The 2016 version, on the other hand, has a four piece construction, which is where the extra softness comes from. As a result, these balls are great for players who are seeking more control.


  • Compression: Unknown (low compression)
  • Dimples: 344
  • Overall Texture: Supersoft


  • These are the best golf ball for slow swing speed because of their soft texture. Even with a relatively light strike, these golf balls take off.
  • The HEX dimpling system helps this ball stabilize its flight. The result is a relatively straight and fast trajectory.


  • With the improved softness, these golf balls can take some time to get used to.
  • If you don’t purchase the neon yellow versions, these balls can be hard to locate on a dark course.

2. Bridgestone 2015 e7 Golf Balls

Bridgestone E7

In this Bridgestone E7 review, you’ll understand why these golf balls are considered some of the best cheap golf balls for any level of player. First, these have 326 dimples in a webbed pattern. These dimples really help this ball maintain a very straight, spin-restricted pattern as it flies. Additionally, this patterning also increases penetration so that you will send the ball flying at a high-speed velocity. Finally, the webbed pattern also ensures a fairly shallow landing angle for more distance.

This ball is simply perfect for achieving far distance so that you can get around the green swiftly. Additionally, this golf ball doesn’t cost a lot in comparison with its competitors, making it one of the best golf balls for the money. When it comes to composition, these are urethane golf balls that offer a lot of great-feeling texture.


  • Compression: 100
  • Dimples: 326
  • Overall Texture: semi-soft


  • If your golf swing is greater than 100mph, this is a great distance ball for you.
  • Bridgestone used a three-piece ionomer construction for the golf ball’s cover. This makes it feel very responsive.
  • Most golf ball reviews agree that these golf balls are some of the best value golf balls on the market.


  • Despite a relatively soft exterior, these have a fairly high compression.
  • You’ll only get the maximum distance if you have a fast enough swing. This means that these may not be the top golf balls for seniors.

3. Volvik Crystal Golf Balls

Volvik Crystal

One the golf ball compression chart, Volvik Crystal golf balls often rank among the balls with the softest impact. For those who enjoy playing golf throughout the seasons, Volvik has crafted a wide variety of colors for its Crystal series. Colors range from choices like crystal orange and crystal yellow to a full pack of assorted colors. These types of golf balls are great for visibility, even if you are in a low-light course or are in the middle of a snow-covered range.

When it comes to design, the Volvik Crystal actually is designed with crystals. Each ball is covered in a mixture of surlyn and zirconium that provide the perfect feel and rebound for players with moderate and slower swing speeds. The result is that, according to the majority of golf ball reviews, these balls will really shine for seniors and are some of the best golf clubs for beginner’s men.


  • Compression: 80
  • Dimples: 392
  • Overall Texture: Soft


  • At a very inexpensive price, these are some of the top golf balls for the money.
  • The color choices make these some of the top golf balls for overall visibility.


  • If you swing harder, this may not be the golf ball for you. If you do end up picking it up, there’ll definitely be some adjustment time.
  • This golf ball has a lot of dimples, which can affect its flight somewhat.

4. Nike Golf RZN Black Golf Balls, White

Nike RZN Black

The Nike Golf RZN golf ball is probably the best Nike golf ball on the market today. These are golf balls that are designed to have less spin so that they can travel farther without taking off too far into the air. The result is a faster, further golf ball that is often considered one of the top golf balls in most golf ball reviews.

The RZN series has an interlocking, layered core that connects with the layer above it. As a result, much of the kinetic energy which is stored in the core of the golf ball is drawn in a much more efficient manner and distributed throughout the ball’s body. As a result, the energy draw is much more stable, meaning that there is less spin and more overall distance.


  • Compression: 79
  • Dimples: 344 – 13,558 micro dimples
  • Overall Texture: Medium


  • These golf balls have performed very well in most golf ball tests.
  • The transfer of energy is very precise with these Nike golf balls.
  • This ball uses a resin core that helps the ball stay lighter and have a more balanced speed.


  • This ball can feel a little too hard on shorter shots.

5. Callaway Hex Chrome Plus Golf Ball

Callaway Hex Chrome Plus

Our final review, which is our Callaway hex chrome review, features one of the best single core golf balls in our guide. This polybutadiene ball is designed to provide very fast swings, with a high distance output. It has a four-piece construction so that there is a heightened level of control and a lower compression level for greater overall distance.

The ball has a series of HEX dimples, which provide just the right amount of lift on the swing. What’s also amazing about the Callaway Hex Chrome Plus is the fact that this ball has a tight level of control without costing as much as some of the more expensive balls. As a matter of fact, most golf ball reviews consider this one of the top golf balls for the money.


  • Compression: 69
  • Dimples: 332
  • Overall Texture: Soft


  • The Callaway Hex Chrome Plus has some of the best control in the golf world.
  • The internal mantles are “padlocked” together for better energy transfer.
  • They are very inexpensive.


  • These golf balls can scuff very easily.
  • The cover can also break very easily.

Golf Balls FAQ

Golf Balls FAQ

I’m a beginner at golfing, and also have a touch of arthritis in my hands and arms. What kind of ball is best for me?

If you have arthritis, you’ll want a low compression, high softness ball. The reason for this is that you won’t need a faster strike to get distance. These are almost always the top golf balls for seniors.

I am a golfer who has some experience on the course. At the same time, I really want to extend the distance of my swing so that I can reach the green much faster. What kind of ball should I use?

When you have a swing that is faster than 105mph, there are a plethora of mid-compression balls out there that are perfect for your type of swing. These should have a urethane skin and should have a compression of at least 100. These will take advantage of your swing speed and also give you the distance you crave.

A friend and I are hitting up New York City’s Chelsea Piers, but I want to hit the course before so that I’m nice and warmed up. Unfortunately, it’s super cold outside, which balls are best for these conditions?

Amazingly, when you are playing in the cold, a ball’s compression will increase. This means that a ball will simply not fly as far in the winter as it does in the summer. In this situation, the best distance golf ball is one with the lowest possible compression. You can even try women’s golf balls; they have a great performance in the winter.

Where to Buy Best Golf Ball

Where to Buy Best Golf BallIn all honesty, it’s fairly easy to buy golf balls at a traditional brick and mortar sporting goods store. These stores typically have 12 packs and three packs of various golf balls, but unfortunately, these stores don’t quite have the types of sales that you can find on sites like Amazon or even eBay.

These sites almost always have ongoing golf ball sales with the cheapest golf balls and can even have free shipping if you’re a member of Amazon Prime.

Additionally, for those of you who love to play in low-light or wintry conditions where it can be hard to see a white ball, Amazon and other online retailers tend to have a large collection of multi-colored golf ball options.

Also, if you can’t quite find what you want at your local store or on an online retailer like Amazon, there’s always the manufacturer’s website. Just take a look at the Titleist, Callaway Golf, TaylorMade, or other brand websites to see if they have sales or promotions going for their golf balls.


Finding the best golf ball for your particular game is very important for your life as a golfer. Golfing takes patience; as a matter of fact, it’s probably one of the key attributes that will help you maximize your golf game. You’ll need to exercise this same degree of patience when you are searching for your best possible golf ball.

Take a look through our guide, definitely consider the golf balls that we’ve reviewed, and make an informed decision about what will work for your game. Are you the type that doesn’t have a high swing speed but still want to knock the ball to the green quickly? Then try a ball that has a low compression and a bouncy exterior. If you have the swing speed but want more control on the greenside, then try one of the models in our golf ball reviews that have a compression greater than 90.