Best Golf Gloves Reviews

Golf, unlike before, isn’t any longer a game for the elderly. Adults and youths enjoy it alike. The poor and the rich likewise enjoy it due to the accessibility of affordable golf courses around the world. If you are looking forward to venturing into this game, it is essential that you know all its standards and rules first. You likewise need a couple of specialized gear that will improve your playing on a daily basis.

Good and quality golf balls, for example, are important. They will help you to play the game like an expert. To enhance your swing and safeguard your hands against injuries, you likewise need to get a pair of the best golf glove.

Most people consider golf gloves as cosmetic sports extras that people wear for the sake of fun. If you have the same thought, then you need to reconsider. A pair of quality and long lasting golf glove is as essential as the best shoes for gloves as well as clubs that people utilize while playing.

If you are looking for one today, then you are in the right place. This article contains key features that you need to consider when shopping for the right pair of gloves for golf sport. It also contains a list of top rated golf gloves to help you make a good and informed decision.

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Types of Golf Gloves

Golf gloves can be grouped into 4 different types, these are the leather, synthetic, all-weather and thermal golf gloves. We will discuss these glove types one after the other. So read on!

Leather Golf Gloves

This glove type is the most durable golf glove. Many golf players prefer this material because of its durability. Leather material offers a lot of advantages to golfers compared to other golfers. The texture of the material makes the gloves very good for golf sport.

Leather likewise gives better feel and a great grip to golf players. This material wicks off moisture but it tends to extend a bit as time goes. So ensure that you choose a size that is not extremely large for your hand so as to make your playing an easy one. In the product review section, we will show you some of the best leather golf gloves to buy.

Synthetic Golf Gloves

These types golf glove contains are designed with synthetic material and the material is utilized just on specific parts of the glove. It is very lightweight and stretchable as well, which is the reason this material is utilized over the knuckles so as to give maximum flexibility to each finger.

Unlike the leather golf gloves, these golf gloves are totally built with synthetic materials are quite lightweight all in all. They are very breathable as well, so they work great in warmer atmospheres.

All-Weather Golf Gloves

All-weather golf gloves are really the perfect glove gloves to buy. This is due to the fact that they are good in playing golf in the most intense climatic conditions. Due to their water-resistant features, they adapt greatly to moist, wet, or very muggy conditions. In addition, they give a better grip and feel even when wet. However, it is good to get the best all weather golf gloves so as to appreciate the great features of this glove.

Thermal Golf Gloves

Which golf gloves to purchase in the winter? Warm golf gloves. They are made of warm materials that are thick, sewn, and dull shaded. What’s more, these components are imperative when you need to keep up warm in your grasp amid the icy climate.

Features to Consider When Shopping for A Golfing Glove

In this section, we will discuss some important features that you need to consider when looking for the best golf glove for you.



The fit is the most vital part of looking for a good golf glove. Knowing whether they will fit consistent to size and not be a source of distraction is important. If the glove is excessively snug, you may not want to keep using it, and you may not want to even wear it at all. While the glove may be at first more comfortable if it is one with a loose fit, it will bunch up and keep you from being flushed away with your club grip.


Despite the fact that it is often overlooked, a golf glove’s is very important. If you are right-handed, for example, purchasing a glove for left-handed golfers is an awful decision. The case is also the same for left-handed golfers. To have the best golfing experience, you need to purchase a golf glove that fits your style of playing. If you are with more cash, then you should consider getting one of the ambidextrous golf gloves that are for sale online. They are very comfortable. They likewise serve as a great benefit to both left and right-handed golf players.


The most prominent out there are the leather golf gloves. They are very soft and give tight grip even when they are wet. Gloves made of synthetic materials are likewise quite good, but once you go for leather, you may not need anything else. Leather likewise have a longer lifespan compared to synthetic materials.

If you are looking for the best material at the best price, then you need to search for gloves that are built with real leather on the palm and thumb of the hand. If the upper part of the glove is built with something else, for example, mesh for breathability reason, this will bring down the general cost for you while it is still providing unrivaled grip.

Golf Glove Design

A glove’s design is likewise essential, and many may have special features that help enhance performance and comfort. For instance, Cabretta AAA leather golf gloves are designed with a remarkable kind of finger venting that reduces perspiration and avoid slipping inside the glove by making the hands stay dry and cool. They are likewise fitted with Lycra strips for fingers. This help to transmit power from the hand to the club, thus enhancing accuracy and distance.


How is your golf glove of choice performing? Does it improve the performance or experience of golfers outdoors? If you purchase a low-grade golf glove that slips consistently while being used, expect poor outcomes at whenever you are golfing. Ensure you check out the reviews of other buyers to know the kind of product that you’re planning to buy. If many reviewers have a great experience using it, then expect the same and the other way around.


It isn’t all golf gloves that are weather-proof and that can possibly mean a lot of things. If you are looking for the right pair of gloves for sweat-soaked hands, you won’t want to get something that is made totally of leather. Search for gloves that feature mesh for good breathability (and there are some in our top golf gloves reviews), or moisture-wicking material.

Winter golf gloves are their very own category; cold hands are pointless to a strong grip. Finding the best winter golf gloves for men and women should likewise publicize moisture-wicking material or the like. They need to be able to prevent your grip from slipping in wet times and keep your fingers comfortable and dry inside the glove.


When looking for sports equipment, for example, the best shoes for basketball, most people spend all they have on costly items. If you believe that price is actually an indicator of quality, then you need to rethink. Rather than concentrating your choice on money alone, you should search for functional and durable products instead. You should likewise search for one of the best golf glove brands that you can afford to buy.

Lastly, always ensure that you are obtaining values for your money. Buying the most expensive gloves that won’t last long is indeed a poor decision.

Best Golf Gloves on the Market Today

Are you finding it hard to get the right gloves for playing golf on a daily basis? If you are finding it hard to follow our detailed buying guide, pick one of the golf glove models we have reviewed in this section. They are very durable. They are likewise comfortable and affordable.

Nike Dura Feel VIII All Weather

These golf gloves are the most durable pair of gloves for playing. These gloves brag an excellent construction with perforated boards that carry out the task of keeping your sweat-soaked hands dry and cool even during heat times in summer.

These golf gloves have an ergonomic pattern, which makes them reasonable for both on and off course purposes. They are built with synthetic leather. If you need golf gloves that are stretchable and lightweight, then the ones constructed with synthetic leather will make a great choice. That is why most golf players do opt in for this golf glove model.

Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIII All Weather Mens Golf Gloves

The Nike Dura Feel is rated high in ergonomic support and fit. They are greatly recommended for golfers who often complain of slippery grip problem. The velcro strap that protects the golf glove is likewise ergonomically intended to close in a position to give a comfort fit. Accessible in traditional white and black colors, these Nike golf gloves are an ideal blend of evergreen comfortable feel and sporty look. Presently available for left-handed and right-handed players, these are a great pair of gloves to invest on for your game.


  • The Velcro strap holds up quite well.
  • You won’t get to find a single scratch or smudge even after several sessions of playing golf.
  • The gloves give a hard and strong grip.


  • Not totally sweat-absorbent
  • Since they give a strong grip, they are a bit excessively thick for the hands.

Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol

Is it not good when you purchase golf gloves that are a blend of both versatility and quality? The Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol is one of the best golf gloves for men and it has the perfect mix of these two great features.

Every golf player, be it a beginner or professional, needs a pair of the best rated gloves that are comfortable and give an extraordinary feel. In addition, these golf gloves hand over upgraded control in most kinds of climate conditions. They have a delightful classic physical look alongside the benefit of maximum durability.

Callaway Mens Dawn Patrol Golf Glove

Made of leather, the glove is very strong on the thumb, fingers, and palm. It has perforations for the circulation of air. These little openings make the golf gloves cool and more breathable and prevent moisture by decreasing the moisture created as a result of sweat.

The cuff is designed with a blend of terry ad cotton which is perfect for retaining moisture produced as a result of friction. It is customizable and can be secured according to the life systems of individual hands. The Callaway golf glove is well-known for its durability and gives extraordinary traction. Awesome leather gloves for the price.


  • The material utilized for construction is very supple and soft
  • ​These golf gloves hold up quite well.
  • The glove’s fit really helps in holding the club in a much compelling way.


  • Poor quality stitching
  • Not true to size

MG Golf DynaGrip All-Cabretta

What is the best golf glove to purchase? Each time you make this inquiry, consider the golf gloves worn by most PGA experts. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable and confident in golf gloves that are likewise worn by most golfing experts worldwide?

Obviously, you would. Just if they give you a good fit, right? With these leather golf gloves, the fit isn’t an issue at all since these gloves provide you with a customized fit alongside giving a great feel. They are moisture-proof, so you can use them in raining seasons without worrying about your grip getting traded off.

MG Golf DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

Nothing beats a conventional-looking golf gloves, comfortable fitting with a very soft buttery feel like the golf gloves by MG Golf Cabretta. These golf gloves have been a good golf accessory by champs of numerous PGA tour events.


  • The gloves give an astoundingly comfortable fit.
  • Built with really durable and tough leather.
  • They don’t get to stiff up eventually because of sweat.


  • The fingers of the gloves are excessively long.
  • They dry out too early so tackiness gets traded off.

TaylorMade Targa Golf Glove

If you a left-handed golfer, then the TaylorMade Targa is the right golf glove for you. They have a truly traditional and neat look with a strong construction that is further improved by the utilization of durable leather material.

What’s incredible about these golf gloves is the way they come with a soft, moisture-absorbent wristband. Indeed, even the superb lycra embeds installed in these gloves have a great impact in keeping the hands warm and comfortable inside by dispersing heat well.

TaylorMade Targa Golf Glove

With a durable and steady design that is well-furnished with ventilation that is sufficient for the palms, the golf gloves by TaylorMade Targa may be an incredible choice for golfers who esteem the high-caliber of top rated golf gloves available in the market today.


  • They give excellent grip ability even when you have a wet hand because of perspiration.
  • ​Flexibility is really phenomenal.
  • These golf gloves have a lot of ventilation to offer.


  • A little bit slippery even when totally dry.
  • The Velcro strap tends to separate itself from the flaps of the glove.

Intech Ti-Cabretta Golf Glove

If you want to purchase golf gloves that are popularly known as a standout amongst the top golf gloves by most beginner and professional golfers, then the golf glove by Intech Ti-Cabretta is a perfect choice for you.

These glove model are the sort of cool gloves that provides you with the basic and the most productive general performance. They come in an ergonomic design with a unique sort of palm construction that carry out the task of safeguarding your hands against calluses, bruises, and injuries.

Intech Ti-Cabretta Golf Glove

The Intech Ti-Cabretta Golf Glove gives the first-rate durability alongside flexibility, which makes them a good golf glove brand to buy.


  • They keep up their suppleness and grip even in the most outrageous summer humidity.
  • ​They give ideal breathability to the hands.
  • The gloves don’t expand even after using it for a long period


  • They don’t give maximum grip ability.
  • The design is very stiff and thick.

HJ Weather-Ready Rain Golf Glove

Golf gloves with high performance are worth investing on and taking a gander at this particular pair of golf gloves, you won’t be disappointed with your buying decision. These golf gloves pack a significant grip due to high performance, complete microfiber suede palms spotted with grip-boosting HexaGrip honeycomb silicone that works great when wet.

HJ Glove Weather Ready Rain Golf Glove

The WeatherTex mesh textile not just ensures that the inside properly ventilated, it likewise dries up quick. To prevent that irritating clustering up around the fingers, these golf gloves feature fortified finger elastic bands that keep the textile around the fingers from bending. To conclude these incredible performance golf gloves, they feature the moisture-wicking DriTex wristband which helps to keep your hands totally free from moisture.


  • Great grip in wet climate conditions
  • Great fit and a lot of flex surrounding the fingers


  • The gloves easily fall apart

Bionic Men’s AquaGrip Golf Glove

There are some gloves that can feel somewhat restrictive sometimes, which is the reason these rain golf gloves by Bionic tries to ensure that you are able to move your hand freely without any restriction. They accomplish this by utilizing strategic set bits of Lycra surrounding the fingers so as to significantly enhance dexterity and make them more convenient for you.

These golf gloves utilize moisture-enhanced suede microfiber textile on the palms in order to give great grip in wet conditions. Combined with their patented cushion framework, which enhances their durability and also improves your grip, this pair of golf glove is more than enough when playing golf in a wet climate. The gloves likewise fit perfectly and feel light without clustering up when pulling a fist.

Bionic Mens AquaGrip Golf Glove

Furthermore, there are orthopedic movement points within the golf glove which give your knuckles much flexibility while holding the club. The glove’s body has a practical LightPrene wristband that enhances its perfect-sizing around the wrist. Many users of this golf glove cherish its pre-pivoted finger craft that furnishes them with a normal closure.


  • Precise fit
  • Breathable, flexible and very light
  • Great grip that works great in wet climate


  • In case you are used to Mizuno and Callaway gloves, you may find these golf gloves a bit too thick

Mizuno RainFit Golf Gloves

For a cheap price, the Mizuno RainFit gloves are really an astounding choice for golf players of all kind. Not only are these golf gloves amazing in wet climate, they show signs of improvement the wetter they get. This professional set features the made-in-Japan synthetic suede surrounding the palms which give unfathomable performances in wet climate.

Mizuno RainFit Golf Gloves

Concerning the fit, there were not really any loose creases of textile left behind since the golf gloves stick to the hand similar to a second skin. Elasticity and flex are retained because of the properly set mesh materials which likewise improve their breathability. These are great pair of golf gloves that are designed to survive more than a couple of wet rounds while playing golf.


  • Powerful grip works great in wet climates
  • Form-fitting, sleek design keeps them cozy
  • Perfectly versatile to allow hand movement and free finger


  • The glove isn’t the best choice for small-handed golf players


When playing the game of golf, gloves prove to be very important in diverse ways. They enhance the user’s grip. This way, you can control your shots properly on all terrain. They’re likewise comfortable and safeguard users against injuries that are golf-related.

For the best performance and experience, however, don’t purchase the low-priced models that are popular online. Properly designed models such as the great products reviewed in this article work the best. They are very strong and durable. They likewise have functional designs that most people will really enjoy.