Best Golf Putter Reviews and Buying Guide

Your first swing at the golf ball lands on the green. Your ball is only about twenty feet from the hole. You line up your shot and you miss. Now, the ball is about ten feet from the hole; you aim and miss again. Your short game is mediocre because you don’t own one of the best golf putters on the market.

Putters are essentially the bread and butter of your golf game. If you do not have one of the best putters, your game will suffer greatly. In order to master your putting game, you need a putter that will give the ball a gliding push and prevent bounce on the green. The best golf putter reviews are a window into a world where face insert technology, mallet style, blade style, and face weight balance are all perfected, so let’s get started so that you can find that putter.

Our Top Golf Putters

What Is A Golf Putter?

best golf putterThe only golf club that you use on nearly every hole is the putter. The only time that a putter is not used is when you are lucky enough to make a hole in one, which is rare, even for the professionals.

The reason that this golf club is used so often is that it is designed to be the last tool that you use to get the ball into the hole. The best putting stroke will be a mere tap that pushes the ball across the green and into the hole.

A putter was traditionally made from a solid piece of metal, but today there are a number of changes that give a golfer customizability that they may not have had in the past. Some of the top rated putters on the market today even feature weighted club heads and bent shafts. In fact, the putter is the only golf club that the United States Golf Association allows to have a bent shaft.

The reason that this bent design works so well is that it causes your grip to be better aligned with the head of the club; making it easier to line up your shot. The best golf putters will have minimal spin so that it does not skid across the green. In addition, most of the top putters only have a three to four degree LOFT, which means that even though the ball comes off of the green, it will settle quickly.

A standard putter typically ranges between 33 inches in length and 36 inches in length. Using a putter properly requires you to bend slightly so that you are reaching downwards when you putt. There are longer putters that are available to use for those who need the additional stability because of their height, but typically, when you are looking for the best putter for beginners, the shaft length will be within this length.

Types of Golf Putters

There are a few different types of putters on the market. The best putter for beginners may not necessarily be the best golf putter for you, so consider which type of putter matches your specific play style before making a final decision. The different types are:

Mallet Putter

Mallet PutterThis type of putter is designed with the majority of the weight focused at the toe end of the putter’s face. The best mallet putters are designed to help you avoid missing your putt, even if your aim when you strike the ball is a bit off-center.

Since a putter mallet is bigger in size, it is easier to line up your shit, and when you hit on the heel of the putter instead of the toe, the best mallet putters will be a little more forgiving than some of the other types of putters. Mallet putters are typically face balanced putters, which are the optimal choice for golfers who play with a straight back-and-through stroke.

Center Shafted Golf Putters

Center Shafted Golf PuttersAnother type of golf putter that you may consider to be the best putter in golf is the center shafted golf putters. This style is typically a designed like a face balanced putters, which means that they are also an ideal choice for those who favor straight back-and-through strokes in their golf game.

It can be a bit difficult to line up the ball perfectly with this type of putter, so center shafted golf putters are rarely seen on the green. They are used, but by those who are highly skilled at the game of golf. Since they do not provide the best putting stroke, you will not see a beginner using this type of putter.

Heel and Toe Weighted Putters

Heel and Toe Weighted PuttersThe heel and toe weighted putter style is a type of putter that was extremely popular during the 1960s. The weight in these putters is evenly distributed into the heel and the toe of the putter, which increases the size of the ideal area to hit the ball. This area is typically known as the sweet spot, and on some putters, there is a line that indicates exactly where the best point of contact is.

If you tend to hit the ball with the heel of your putter, then the best golf putter for you may favor weight in the heel. The opposite is true if your stroke tends to favor the toe of the putter.

Best Golf Blade Putters

Golf Blade PutterWhen you look at golf putter reviews, you will notice that golf blade putters are often considered to be the best putter on PGA tours. It is a favorite amongst professionals who like a putter with more weight in the toe of the club.

This weight distribution combines with the shaft being connected to the heel makes it so that the sweet spot is rather central on the club head; making this one of the best putters for a golfer with an arc stroke to utilize during their short game.

Basic Golf Equipment : Golf Putter Types
Best Golf Putter Reviews and Buying Guide

Golf Putters Categories

Most of the best golf putters can be separated into three categories. The main difference between each is the length of the shaft, but using a different shaft length can impact your game, so it is important to know the difference. The categories are:

Belly Putter

A belly putter is designed with a bit more length in the shaft than a conventional putter; it is typically about 41 to 44 inches in length. This type of putter is designed this way to give the golfer a means of anchoring the club to their body. To use this type of putter, you use the same stance and posture, the only difference is that the handle connects with your stomach to help stabilize the stroke. When you have this third point of contact, your wrist motions are much easier to control, so your stroke is easily perfected.

Conventional Putter

Many of the best putters on tour are conventional putters. These have a standard shaft length that is between 32 and 36 inches. If you have a nervous twitch or an unsteady hand, a conventional putter may hinder your short game because this style of putter requires an extremely stable hand. Too much wrist action during your stroke will decrease the level of accuracy that you typically play with, which can make you miss the hole.

Long Putters

A long putter is different than the other two styles that we have looked at so far. It is much longer, having a shaft length of between 48 and 52 inches long, and it requires the golfer to perform their stroke in a pendulum style rather than the traditional style. This is the best putter style for someone who is suffering from a bad back because they can easily take aim and play their short game without bending over and irritating their back more. In addition, it is also a great way to help an inexperienced golfer because it requires very little wrist action to perform a stroke properly.

Best Golf Putters

1. Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

Pinemeadow PGX Putter

Our first putter, the Pinemeadow PGX, has a lot of golfer-friendly features that are designed to make putting a cinch. One of its most important features is its white nano paint finish. This finish is almost luminescent, especially as you are putting on the putting green. In fact, this putter’s coloration makes it the best golf putter for overall visibility. With such a stark contrast, it’s easy to recognize exactly where you need to align your putt.

In addition to this, the guides on the putter itself are designed so that you can hit the exact point of the ball that yo0u need to hit. Most Pinemeadow golf reviews indicate that this particular putter feels great on the swing. This is because of its balancing. Pinemeadow utilized an extra 40 grams of weight, which makes each putt feel incredibly natural.


  • Weight: 380 grams or 13 ounces
  • Length: 36 inches
  • Loft: Three inches
  • Lie: 90


  • This putter has a great balancing. It is one of the best putters for precise putts.
  • The nano white coloration makes this easy to align on a putting green.
  • The grip at the top of the putter feels great on the hands.
  • The rear cutouts really help to stabilize this putter.


  • The nano white finish is prone to chipping, so you should always keep the putter cover on.
  • It’s a beginners’ putter – it definitely isn’t one of the best golf putters for experts.
  • The shaft is definitely a little flimsy. It can bend in your bag.

2. Titleist 2014 Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putters Newport 2 Right 34.0

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Putter

Titleist is definitely one of the most iconic names in golf. Their balls, their clubs, and their putters are celebrated around the world. This putter is a Scotty Cameron center shafted putter that has a lot more toe flow than a traditional putter. Toe flow is the measurement of how squarely the putter moves along the arcing path when you swing it.

Additionally, this Titleist putter has two weights at the base that help the Newport 2 achieve some of the best golf putter balancing available. Since this putter uses a high-grade composition to increase its balance, it’s definitely one of the best face balanced blade putters. Aesthetically, the Newport 2 also has a silver mist finish that looks really nice on the putting green.


  • Weight: variable
  • Length: 33″, 34″, 35″
  • Loft: 3.5 inches
  • Lie: 70


  • This putter’s face is made of a 303 stainless steel. This is a very high-grade stainless steel that is very durable.
  • The smaller Pistolini grip is very comfortable.
  • The metallic red guides are very stylish and functional.
  • The blade is very cleanly designed on this putter. It’s perfect for more experienced golfers.


  • These are a tad on the expensive side.
  • If you have big hands, the stock grip can feel a little too small.
  • Off-center hits don’t react quite as well with this putter.

3. Odyssey Men’s White Hot RX 2 Putter

Odyssey Men's White Hot RX 2 Putter

The Men’s White Hot RX 2 Putter is another standout putter that has a great visible design that can easily be seen on the putting green. Oftentimes, any Odyssey putter will be the most popular putter on tour because Odyssey putters have the most putter wins in this category. The White Hot series of putters grants a lot of versatility and are designed to align with just about anyone’s personal style of putting.

The reason why this is considered one of the best lines of the putter is because of its White Hot insert. This insert provides an unparalleled quicker and more precise roll due to its oval design. Additionally, it has a softer core that simply has a better feel than 90 percent of the putters on the market today.


  • Weight: 350 grams or 12.34 ounces
  • Length: 33″, 34″, 35″
  • Loft: Three degrees
  • Lie: 70


  • When putting, this Odyssey putting will shine in stark contrast to the green, which makes it easier to hit the golf ball with accuracy.
  • There are a few great grip options. You’ll be able to select from standard rubber or SuperStroke grip.
  • This line of putters has a very soft impact when putting, which some experts prefer.


  • Due to the softer feel and soft core of the insert, it can be hard to figure out the precise putting strength that you’ll need for accuracy.
  • This putter really works best with Odyssey golf balls due to the ridged design of the insert.

4. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter

Odyssey Hot Pro

Another excellent Odyssey putter, the White Hot Pro 2.0 has the same White Hot insert that makes contact with the golf ball soft and measured. As you may know already, Odyssey is definitely one of the top brands of putters. Both Odyssey golf putter reviews and their putter’s tour presence easily illustrate that this is a popular putter for pros and novices alike.

The White Hot insert was recently reintroduced and it has once again become overwhelmingly popular. Ever since its 2000 debut, golfers have adored this line, and as a result, the recent reintroduction has included this “Pro” version of the putter. The Pro version has a more precise thickness in the insert due to better manufacturing techniques. It also has a better flatness tolerance than older versions.

Additionally, the inserts have a better chemical composition to ensure a better overall tone and feel. Finally, the insert itself is cut with lasers so that the shaping is optimized during placement.


  • Weight: 343 grams or 12.1 ounces
  • Length: 33″, 34″, 35″
  • Loft: 3 degrees
  • Lie: 70 degrees


  • This is a very inexpensive putter
  • This is the best odyssey putter for overall feel and grip.
  • With its lighter weight, this is a great winter golfing putter.


  • The head of this putter can feel a bit light for some golfers.
  • The White Hot insert can feel a little bit too soft for some.

5. Bettinardi BB Series Putter 2016 Right BB1F 35

Bettinardi BB1F 35

This is one unique-looking putter that has a few great features that really make it shine when compared to many of its competitors. First amongst these is the unique face. This product is one of the best blade putters available because of its honeycombed face.

This honeycombed face is great because it represents the milling process that Bob Bettinardi created to make the face as flat as it can be. As a result, the milling patterns provide excellent feel and provide the additional force needed to provide great control when putting. As a matter of fact, this putter is often the darling of many golf putter reviews.

The hosel on this putter is also long. The hosel is the socket of the golf club where the shaft attaches to the head. This long hosel ensures that you’ll have a very clear sight line for your golf ball. The putter is also milled from mild carbon steel, which means that this is a very durable Bettinardi putter.


  • Weight: 350 grams or 12.34 ounces
  • Length: 33”, 33 ½”, 34”, 34 ½”, 35”
  • Loft: Three degrees
  • Lie: 71 degrees


  • The uncommon 71 degree lie of this putter gives you a unique putting experience.
  • The midnight black design of this putter offsets well with the putting green.
  • The ridge-milled face is exceptionally flat but has grooves and ridges for a little extra oomph.


  • It’s not forgiving of off-center strikes.
  • It’s not great for beginners.

6. Wilson Harmonized Series M5 Putters

Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter

Wilson is another of the more well-known putter brands currently on the market. The M5 is a mallet-style putter that is perfect for adding a bit of rotation to your putts. This is also a very budget-friendly putter; you’ll be able to easily find it for under $50.

The hosel on this product is a plumber-style hosel. This means that it has a horizontal bend where the end of the shaft and the hosel meet. This adds a bit of offset to your swing so that your hands are ahead of the head until you impact with the golf ball. While you probably won’t find this as the best putter on PGA tour, it’s perfect for those who are really trying to up their putt game a bit. Additionally, this putter has a very impressive insert on its face that is made of microinjection polymer. This material feels great on ball impact.


  • Weight: N/A
  • Length: 35”
  • Loft: Three degrees
  • Lie: 72 degrees


  • These putters have a great soft grip that reduces wrist action for a better roll.
  • The microinjection polymer has a very quality feel to it when you make contact.
  • The plumber-style hosel is very good for your overall follow through.
  • This putter is very affordable.


  • This isn’t a great putter for those who are professional or even intermediate-level golfers.
  • The neck of this putter is a bit on the flimsy side.

7. Cleveland Golf TFI 2135 1.0 Putter

Cleveland TFi 2135 1.0

Cleveland golf putters are from a brand that has been in operation for almost 40 years. Cleveland Golf is currently a leader in wedges and has a line of equipment with unique features that can enhance the golf experience. This particular Cleveland Golf putter has a raised alignment that’s perfect for helping you keep a tight eye on your target, even as you visually measure the range.

This putter is designed for a two-stroke game and, on center hit, allows you to get the ball rolling quickly with lots of control and distance. The actual impact is relatively soft, but you can feel it through the grip. It’s also very stable-feeling and the raised sightline really adds to your game. There are also two white strips on the heel that also can aid in your alignment as well.


  • Weight: 345 grams or 12.1 ounces
  • Length: 33”, 34”, 35”
  • Loft: Three degrees
  • Lie: 70 degrees


  • This putter has a plumber-style hosel that lets you gauge your stroke better.
  • It’s really easy to align this putter with the white sections and the raised aligner. Golf putter reviews always note the ease-of-alignment.
  • The copper colored face is very elegant looking.


  • It’s a little light. Someone that wants a more weighty experience may want another putter.
  • This putter is a little busy-looking in the aesthetics department, which can be a turnoff for some.
  • On strike, it sounds a bit hollow.

8. Nike Method Matter Putter Right 33 B1-07 GP0200-001

Nike Method Matter B1-07

Nike golf putters are not the most well-known putters, but putter reviews tell you that the Nike Method Matter Putter is one of the best golf putters that you can purchase. The putter is designed with a classic style that sports the well-known Nike symbol on the club head. The shaft is made from a stainless steel material and the club head is a matte black color that is appealing to the eye.

This putter has a RZN groove insert that is often found on the best putters on tour. The perimeter weighting of the head gives it additional stability and the ability to smoothly push the golf ball down the green. In addition, this putter features a medium-sized grip that is perfect for those who use a pendulum swing during their golf game.


  • Weight: 360 grams
  • Length: 32”, 33”, 34”, 35”
  • Loft: 2.5 degrees
  • Lie: 70 degrees


  • The putter has a smooth feel when it makes contact with the ball.
  • It has a very classic design that is designed to reflect the sunlight.
  • This putter is perfect for individuals who use an arc stroke style.


  • The paint o the club head chips easily.
  • This is not a great design for a beginner.

9. Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR800 Putter

Ray Cook Golf-Silver SR800 Putter

This Ray Cook Putter is an appealing putter that features a red and white design that is appealing to the eye. The putter has a medium sized grip that is comfortable to hold. In addition, it is weighted and balanced to give you an extremely accurate putt that rolls softly across the green.

The Ray Cook golf putter is the best putter on PGA tour. In fact, this putter has been used in over 200 PGA winning events as well as all four of the majors. A head cover is also included with the purchase of this popular putter.


  • Weight: 360 grams
  • Length: 34”, 35”
  • Loft: three degrees
  • Lie: 70 degrees


  • The alignment and the balance of this putter are great.
  • The color scheme of the putter looks amazing.
  • This putter is a great value.


  • The paint on the putter’s club head is not high-quality paint.
  • The sound that the putter makes when it connects with the ball is loud.
  • A little on the light side when compared to competitors.

10. Odyssey Works Versa #1 Wide Tank Putter with SuperStroke Grip

Odyssey Works Versa #1 Wide Tank Putter

The best odyssey putter on the market currently is the Odyssey Works Versa #1 Wide Tank Putter with SuperStroke Grip. The putter has amazing features like the White Hot Insert to give each stroke an extremely soft feel. It features the Fusion RX face to provide balance. It features a Versa alignment style that helps you connect the ball to the sweet spot every time you make a stroke.

This odyssey blade putter is also available with alternative putter designs so that you can find the perfect club head to perfect your game. The metal X side of the face is designed to latch onto the ball and push it across the green. Once impact occurs and the ball hits the ground, it will have a nice spin on its roll.


  • Weight: 380 grams
  • Length: 35”, 38”
  • Loft: three degrees
  • Lie: 70 degrees


  • It has great stability and an excellent aiming system that requires little effort.
  • It has a great grip that makes long range putting simpler.


  • This putter has a bit of an adjustment period, which makes it more difficult for a beginner to use.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Golf Putter

All golf putters are not created equally, so it is important that you know which features you need on your new golf putter to make sure that you purchase the best putter in golf. Remember the best golf putters are not always the ones that work the best for you so make sure to consider golf putter reviews that consider the features to see which ones will be important to your short game. Some of the factors that you should consider are:


Factors to Consider When Buying a Golf PutterThe weight of a standard putter is typically about 530 grams. This includes 180 grams of shaft weight and 350 grams of weight that is distributed in different locations of the club head. The weight distribution of the club head is also a consideration to make. The best golf putters can have a weighted toe, a weighted heel, or even a face balanced blade, so check out our golf putter reviews to find the option works best for your play style.


The length of the shaft on your putter is 95 percent of the fit of the putter, so make sure that you choose a length that accommodates your height. To ensure that the putter is the correct size for you, bend over the ball at a 45-degree angle. The putter should rise about a half of an inch above your higher hand when you grip the golf club. The best putter grip for most males requires a shaft that is 32 to 34 inches long, while a female’s putter shaft should range between 30 and 33 inches long. If you are an exceptionally tall individual, you may need to use a belly putter or a long putter instead.


The loft is the angle that the ball comes off of the green when you put the ball. Most putters today use a three-degree to four-degree loft because they are the most effective when the green speed is about seven or eight feet. Taking the golf course that you play on the most into consideration, decide the amount of loft that you will need to perfect your short game.


Buying a Golf PutterThe lie is the angle that the club head sits on the ground. To achieve the best putter grip and stroke possibility, this should be about 72 degrees with most putters. Do not adjust your lie to accommodate bad posture because this can hinder your putt more, making it more difficult to correct in the future. If you are using a long putter, the lie angle will need to be around 79 percent.


Most putters have a line or a way to indicate where the best point of impact is for that specific putter. These lines are designed to help you find the sweet spot on the putter with little to no effort involved. Some of the best blade putters use a vertical indicator to pinpoint the sweet spot because there is not a wide club head to draw your attention.


The best golf putters can be a little bit pricey, but don’t let the handcrafted putters suck you in. The design of the putter is the part of the device that matters the most, not the way that it is crafted, especially since specialty crafting will only raise the price. When you are looking to purchase a top of the line putter, you should expect to spend more than $250, but it should also not exceed $350 unless you are attempting to purchase a collector’s edition because it may cost a little bit more than a standard putter.

Where to Buy Best Golf Putter

Now that you know more about the features that your golf putter should have and you had the chance to look at some golf putter reviews, the next step is finding a location to make your purchase. No matter which putter brands you have decided to purchase, you can easily find the product online at the manufacturer’s website.

Shopping locally is always an option, but if you are looking for deals on the best golf putters on the market, you can often find great discounts on sites like Amazon. Some online retailers even have options to purchase used golf putters instead of brand new ones to help you save money on your purchase. If you do decide to go for a used putter, just make sure that there are no dents in the club face and that the shaft is not bent so that your short game is not affected by the quality of the club.


Courtesy of Yanki01

Your short game makes up 50 percent of your golfing enjoyment. Unless you are great at making a hole in one, you will use your putter on every hole on the course, so make sure that it the right putter for you. Having a short putter that has a club head that does not accommodate your swing style will only hinder your game.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you decide which of the best golf putters on the market is best for your short game. If you still have not decided, take a look at our top picks, look at our feature considerations once more, and make a decision that will take your short game to unbelievable heights during your next round of golf with your buddies. Remember, putting is essential, so don’t wait to purchase the putter of your dreams.