Best Golf Swing Analyzer Reviews – Choose Your Golf Swing Tracker

Your swing seems to be a bit off kilter recently, and you are having trouble figuring out where the trouble lies. You have asked your friends and golf buddies on the green, but no one seems to be able to pinpoint the issue. Purchasing one of the best golf swing analyzer options to help you analyze your swing will get you the results that you need.

Many of the golf swing analyzers that are available give you useless information that will not help improve your game. Golf swing analyzer reviews are available to tell you which of the golf swing apps will give you the best golf swing ever. You need statistics that will truly make a difference in your game, and this guide was designed to help you through the purchasing process. Before we compare some of the best swing analyzers, let’s discuss what the device is.

Our Top Golf Swing Analyzers

What Is A Golf Swing Analyzer?

What Is A Golf Swing AnalyzerA golf analyzer is a device that is used to keep track of your golf swings. They are devices that can attach to your grip, the shaft of your golf club, or directly onto your golf glove. It will use motion sensors to record your swings on the course. The best golf swings do not come easily; you often need a trainer to become one of the best.

Let’s face it, we do not all have the time or the option to perfect our swing like a PGA tour professional, so using a device like this that can give you the best golf swing are devices that are in demand. Any time that you look at and analyze a game golf review, you will see that there are a large number of variables that affect your swing. You may be able to perform the perfect swing, but nothing is saying that you can make an identical shot a few minutes later.

Many professionals do not play the exact same game each time they play golf, so why should you? This device is designed to help you know what you need to do when your swing is off. You may question your stance, your actual swing, and the power and speed that you put behind each ball, but the best golf swing analyzer app will help you see what you need to focus on specifically.

The best swing analyzer is designed to give you a high definition 3D video that you can analyze and break down. They monitor aspects of your game like:

  • Swing Speed
  • Swing Tempo
  • Swing Path
  • Face Angle
  • Backswing Position
  • Attack Angle
  • Hip Movement

Why should you use a golf swing analyzer?

Why should you use a golf swing analyzerThe best golf launch monitor will allow you to look at the data that it records in relation to your swing directly after it is recorded. All of the information is displayed in real time. The videos are often shown in high definition so that you can see all of the details with ease.

There is also often an option to review the details in a 3D model where you can slow down the swing and analyze it bit by bit. This analysis is often much better than that which you can get by a professional because it is always available. In fact, it can be downloaded and shared with others in case you still want a professional opinion.

In addition to all of the features that are available to give you the best swing analysis, there are training seminars to give you practical golf information as well as weekly strategy sessions and lessons that you can make use of. If your swing is not perfect, then using a golf swing analyzer can be the best golf swing trainer for you. It can provide you with all of the information that you need which include your swing speed, your impact angle, and your specific swing path so that you can perfect your swing in no time.

Correct golf swing
Best Golf Swing Analyzer Reviews – Choose Your Golf Swing Tracker

Best Golf Swing Analyzer Reviews

1. Epson M-Tracer Golf Swing Analyzer

Epson M-Tracer Golf Swing Analyzer

This golf analyzer is designed to improve your golf game by using golf swing analysis to monitor your strokes and help you determine what you need to focus on. The results of this golf shot tracker are given in real time and the results are given up to a one-tenth of a degree of accuracy. It records 1,000 samples a second to acquire the most accurate sample possible.

As soon as you complete a swing, you can analyze the data on the application is available on both iOS and Android devices. When you look at the analysis, you will be able to have a 3D view of your swing that shows a 360-degree view of your rotation. Up to 300 swings can be stored in the application itself, but the web portal can store up to 2,000 more samples swings for you to study.


  • Weight: 15 grams
  • Where it Attaches: to the shaft near the grip
  • What it Monitors: swing path, club head speed, attack angle, face angle, grip speed, and the estimated carry
  • 3D Modeling: Yes


  • Many golf swing analyzer reviews love how much information this golf swing analysis app provides you with.
  • The tracker is extremely secure on the shaft of your club, which means that it will never fly off during your swing.


  • This golf shot tracker is a little difficult to take off of a club, so if you want to switch it from club to club, it may become a frustrating experience.

2. Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

This Zepp swing analyzer is one of the game golf review tools that you can use. It is a little different from the first one that we reviewed because it attached to your golf glove to measure your swing instead of your club itself. It measures the most important aspect of your swing and then provides a 3D model that you can analyze and review.

The Zepp golf swing analyzer provides instantaneous results so you can easily use this golf swing app to train when you do not have a couch around to assist you. You can even share the results of your swings with professionals to get their input. A nice feature of this Zepp swing analyzer is that it can be used to track your tennis and baseball swings as well.


  • Weight: eight grams
  • Where it Attaches: to your golf glove
  • What it Monitors: club head speed, club plane, head plane, backswing degree, hand speed, swing tempo, and hip rotation
  • 3D Modeling: Yes


  • It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • It is a great tool for learning; in fact, a lot of instructors use it in their classes.
  • It can be used for any swing analysis; including tennis and baseball.


  • On occasion, this golf swing analyzer app has a bit of difficulty connecting to Bluetooth.

3. Swing Talk Golf Swing Analyzer with Voice Feedback

Swing Talk Golf Swing Analyzer with Voice Feedback

Golf swing analyzers are becoming a more popular way of perfecting your golf swing. The Swing Talk analyzer is one of the best golf launch monitor systems available because it offers instantaneous voice feedback that lets you review the tempo and the speed of each swing. This is the only golf analyzer on the market with this function thus far, and it is part of the reason that golf swing analyzer reviews consider it to be one of the best golf swing analyzer options that you can use to improve your golf game.

The device screws into the grip of your golf club, which assures that it will be secure throughout your games of golf. The application that you use is available for both iOS and Android devices as well. You will be able to get an in-depth analysis of each swing that you perform from several different angles and viewpoints.


  • Weight: 10.5 grams
  • Where it Attaches: the end of your grip
  • What it Monitors: tempo, club head speed, and angle of attack
  • 3D Modeling: Yes


  • It is a very small, compact device that can fit into your pocket with ease.
  • The accuracy and consistency of the readings are perfect for correcting your swing.


  • The club needs to make an impact with the ball to take a reading, which can be annoying for those who simply want to analyze their swing.
  • If your hand is resting on the golf swing tracker it may have issues obtaining an accurate reading.

4. Blast Golf 360 Swing and Stroke Analyzer

Blast Golf 360 Swing and Stroke Analyzer

This golf tracking system is one that is designed to attach to the grip of your club to measure and capture the details of your swing in a 3D playback model that you can easily analyze to perfect your swing. It is a small compact device that will not throw off your swing at all while you are playing your game by way of Bluetooth technology.

Since this top golf swing analyzer app is designed to work on the course, it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices to give it more versatility for golfers. The application is able to capture a video of your swing and break it down into individual highlights so that the metrics can be analyzed and easily shared with others.


  • Weight: about 0.8 pounds
  • Where it Attaches: to the end of your grip
  • What it Monitors: tempo, swing speed, loft, lie, and swing rotation
  • 3D Modeling: Yes


  • The device is waterproof so that your swing can be analyzed in every weather condition.
  • The battery in this device lasts a long time.
  • The video analysis option is great on this golf swing app, especially considering the key point breakdown that highlights specific aspects of your swing.


  • Connects and disconnects a lot with Android options. iOS devices function better in most situations with this device.

5. Skygolf Skypro Swing Analyzer

Skygolf Skypro Swing Analyzer

When it comes to golf swing apps, the Skygolf Skypro is one of the best that are available in the golf market. It is designed with powerful motion sensors that provide 3D models of your swing. It can auto record 3,200 samples each second. After the data is recorded, it will automatically be transferred to your iOS device.

The videos play back in high definition, and you can rotate or zoom in on the playback to give you a closer analysis of your swing. You can also slow the analysis down to half or 1/4th of the original speed to catch more details during the swing. This golf tracking system can store several thousand swings on the app and even more information can be stored in the cloud.


  • Weight: 23 grams
  • Where it Attaches: on the shaft of your golf club
  • What it Monitors: club head speed, club rotation, swing path, swing plane, face angle, tempo, and impact position
  • 3D Modeling: Yes


  • The playback can be watched in real time or at a slower speed if you prefer.
  • The set up for this device is quick and easy.


  • Unlike many of the best golf swing app, this one is only compatible with iOS devices, so if you have an Android device, you will have to wait for a compatible application to be developed.
  • This golf swing analyzer app is a little on the expensive side, which can be a turn-off for some.

6. Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

Any Zepp golf swing analyzer review will tell you that obtaining the best golf swing ever relies on a quality trainer. This device tracks all of your movements during your swing and then gives you an overall rating of how you performed. The device is considered to be one of the best golf swing trainer options that can teach you how to perfect your swing.

In addition to analysis, this device is designed to provide you with training tips and drills that you can use to help make your best golf swing. In fact, the 3D video allows you to compare your swing with professionals who played in the PGA tours. All of the videos are shot in high definition, and they can easily be broken down into separate frames to analyze each one with ease.


  • Weight: eight grams
  • Where it Attaches: on your golf glove
  • What it Monitors: tempo, hand speed, club head speed, hip rotation, and backswing degree
  • 3D Modeling: Yes


  • The setup and the calibration process are extremely easy to navigate.
  • The slowdown feature is great for side by side comparisons of each swing.


  • It does not run on all android devices, so make sure it is compatible with yours before jumping into a purchase.
  • The Bluetooth connection seems to drop on occasion with this golf swing tracker.

7. 3 Bay GSA-Zone Swing Analyzer

3 Bay GSA-Zone Swing Analyzer

According to golf swing analyzer reviews, the 3 Bay GSA-Zone is one of the top golf swing analyzer options that you can purchase. It is designed to fit into the grip of your golf club with ease, and each time that you take a swing, the device reads all of the important aspects to help you perform the best golf swings every time that you are on the green.

The battery life in the device is designed to last for a long time so that you can analyze your entire game. This golf swing analysis tool is also designed to be waterproof; so no matter if your game is being played in the rain or the sunshine, you can still make an attempt to improve your swing. The device syncs with both Android and iOS phones and tablets, so you can analyze your game in real time no matter what your device is.


  • Weight: nine grams
  • Where it Attaches: In the grip of your golf club
  • What it Monitors: club head speed, face angle, consistency, swing path, tempo, and back swing time
  • 3D Modeling: Yes


  • This golf swing analysis app is pretty accurate right out of the box; no adjustments need to be made.
  • It has a really lightweight design that will not hinder your swing at all.


  • It is a little price heavy when compared to similar models.
  • This swing analyzer does not have a lot of fancy features, but it is great for those who do not need the extra bells and whistles.

Points to Consider When Buying a Golf Swing Analyzer

Before you decide on which golf swing analyzer is the best one for you to improve your golf swing, there are a few considerations that you should make. Not ever consideration should hold the same weight, but they should all be thought about before you make a purchase. Here are a few of the points that you should consider:


Points to Consider When Buying a Golf Swing AnalyzerThe entire reason for purchasing the top golf swing analyzer is to correct aspects of your swing that are not holding their own. The only way that you can improve your swing is to have a device that can give you all of the data that you need.

Some of the most important pieces of data that you will need are listed above, but in addition to the data, you need the presentation of the data to be great as well. If there are complex models that are hard to decipher and difficult to understand analysis that you cannot read, then the data will be useless to you.


Not every device is compatible with every golf swing analyzer, so check golf swing analyzer reviews to assure that your iOS or Android device is compatible with the device that you are thinking of purchasing.


The swing analyzer that you select needs to be able to accurately detect the motion of your swing and record the data. The golf swing app will not be useful if the tracker cannot gather the correct information, so check reviews to make sure that you are getting the best golf swing trainer.

Attachment Options

Points to Consider When Buying a Golf Swing AnalyzerAs we discussed, there are three locations where a golf swing analyzer can be attached, each work to collect data, but some may be more dependable than others. Some are designed to fit right into the butt of your grip, this gives the device a sturdy point of attachment, but it also can add weight to the club and throw off your swing.

The next option is to attach it to the shaft, which can also add weight to the club, though the centralized location may not be a hindrance. The final option is an analysis device that attaches directly to your gloves, which will not add any weight to your golf club.

Ease of Use

If your golf swing analyzer is not easy to set up, calibrate, and use, then it is going to simply sit in your golf bag. You need a device that you forget about when you are on the course. You want an application that does not require a lot of effort to figure out the data, and you want a device that you can easily share your swing metrics with your trainer of another individual who can help you make a proper analysis of your swings.


Not every golf swing analyzer is going to be able to be used in the rain, but when you are on the green, sometimes inclement weather suddenly happens. To protect your device, make sure to find one that is waterproof.

Where to Buy Best Golf Swing Analyzer

Where to Buy Best Golf Swing AnalyzerYou can find the best golf swing analyzers at any local store that specializes in sports equipment. However, it is much more convenient to purchase these types of devices online. You can visit the manufacturer’s website to find the product that you want once you make a decision.

You can also visit sites like Amazon. They have a wide selection of golf swing analyzers that you can choose from, and they tend to offer a lot of discounts on the full price that you can take advantage of. You can also find used and barely opened golf swing analyzers on eBay if you are looking for an even cheaper purchasing option.


Let’s face it, not everyone can have their own professional golf trainer, so when you are trying to perfect your golf swing, a device like a golf swing analyzer can help you get the tips that you need. Regardless of whether speed, angle, or your hip rotation are keeping you from performing the best swing possible.

Take a look at our golf swing analyzer reviews, and decide which option above is the top golf swing analyzer for your needs. Once you find one that is compatible with your mobile device and has all of the stats that you need, you will be able to perfect your golf swing in no time. Soon your golf game will be on par with the pros on the PGA tour.