Best Squash Shoes with Reviews

Harrow Vortex Men’s Indoor Court Shoe

Squash is a standout amongst the most intense physical sport as at now. It needs a high level of fitness, agility, and speed. In addition, finding the best squash shoes is important in making sure that you will play the sport excellently well in court.

You have to get a pair of shoes that can be of high benefit when playing. It could increase your grip thereby enhancing your speed while playing over the court. More so, good squash shoes can help to absorb shocks, there increasing your level of comfort.

It can likewise be the additional help intended to promote faster turns or additional responsiveness, so you can archive even tight drives without stress. Few things that you need to consider while looking for the right squash shoes may be good traction or grip, solidness, cushioning, weight, durability and comfort level.

In order to help you in your choice making, we have made enough research on seven of the top squash shoes in today’s market that can enhance the experience of a player. Important information about each squash shoes is shown in this best squash shoes review section, to help you make the correct choice.

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What to Look for in The Best Squash Shoes?

The brilliant features that a good squash shoe possess have a lot of impacts as far as the sport is concern, as well as regulation of club and gym for their courts. Squash requires some level of respect for yourself, the court, as well as the game itself just like some gentlemen sports. A big factor to maintain the respect for the sport is by putting on the best trainers for squash.


You need to make sure that your chosen squash shoe offers a high level of comfortability so you don’t slide everywhere. The correct grip implies aa very powerful traction which results in greater stability and flexibility on the court.

Ankle Support

The ankle is an important part of the body to be mindful of. If you observe that your ankles look big, you have to ensure you look for a pair of quash shoe that is not excessively snug. The pair of shoes may possibly be snug on your ankle before you start to play, you can encounter some difficulties when your ankles start to swell. At this point, the blood to going through your feet is being interrupted due to your ankles not able to breathe.  You may fall down if a larger shoe than yours slide up and down on your ankle. Due to this reasons, it is essential that you go to the store and attempt different pairs to know your size.

Tread and Traction

Other features to remember is your squash shoe having a good and nice tread on it in order to have an excellent traction on the court. Without enough traction, you may either fall or slide which can result in injuries, both to you and your playing mate. When this begins to happen, make sure you get a new pair of shoes to avert any form of injuries. Purchasing a new pair of shoes is less expensive than going the hospital for wound treatment or even worse, surgery!


Always ensure that the materials used for your favorite squash shoes are readily available in all the shoe stores. As a result of the advancement in technology, new materials are designed each year which is durable and lightweight, so that they can last for a long period of time and keep your feet healthy all the time.


This has to do with the soles, which is the most imperative area of any footwear. You need to make sure that your selected shoes have a sole with non-marking gum rubber and not plain black ones that are mostly used in making conventional squash shoes. This gives you maximum comfortability


Cushioning is an essential feature to consider when looking for the best shoes for squash. Since squash has been regarded as an intense sport, great cushioning on these squash shoes is an essential quality that must be considered. Most feet of squash’s players tend to swell up after playing and if the cushioning of their shoes is faulty or below average, it can result in serious injuries. Putting on an uncomfortable shoe will not give you so much fun but rather more dangerous than you do imagine.

Top Best Squash Shoe Reviews

If putting on the best squash shoes could make you have more edge over your opponent, wouldn’t you go for it? The squash shoes reviewed in this section can perform well up to your expectation, meet your satisfaction and gain that edge during indoor activities. These the designs here are for men, however, most can be worn by men and women, and in addition youths. So let’s check out some of the great squash shoes for sale in the market today.

ASICS GEL-Upcourt Volleyball shoe

Majorly made out of synthetic material, this brand of squash shoe is an entry-level model. The main features of this kind of shoes are its full-length rubber sole, which provides you with great fraction while playing on the court. It gives great incentive to your money, particularly in case you are somebody who plays in different kinds of courts

ASICS GEL-Upcourt Volleyball shoe

Asics Shoes are widely known for their excellent comfortability. It has a tremendously enhanced cushioning framework, which guarantees that you will amazing comfort experience while playing squash. It additionally combines both synthetic mesh and leather, so you can count on it for complete breathability and comfort.

More so, it is designed to be lightweight, as well as flexible due to its semi-curved design. This ASICS shoe possesses a very strong lateral support. It doesn’t have any ridges or pressure point along the edges. It has a decent fit around your foot rear area (heel) along with offering a more comfortable toe box. It likewise features a cushioned collar and tongue, and in addition, an EVA padded sole.

This shoe helps to resist abrasion generated from starts, stops and turns thereby making it useful and efficient for walking and running.


  • Light and flexible
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Offers great lateral support
  • Has a decent cozy fit and grip
  • Made of profoundly durable materials
  • Well designed and built
  • Has a kind of lacing, which pulls firmly over the arch without worrying about squeezing
  • Perfect for squash or any other indoor games
  • Lacing doesn’t possess any pressure points or ridges


  • The laces are a little bit short
  • Tongue not very much integrated and tends to shift from its position

Harrow Vortex Men’s Indoor Court Shoe

This brand of squash shoe is a standout amongst the most popular squash shoes that are available in today’s market. You can always count on it to have a modern look and feel anytime. More so, it has special features that will enhance the way you play squash and different indoor games.

Harrow Vortex Men’s Indoor Court Shoe

Harrow Vortex shoes feature a low-profile midsole along with a high degree of arch stability, which helps to prevent excess lateral motion and providing complete cushioning at the end of the day. It has a pleasant design, which makes it look extremely appealing and attractive whenever you put it on.

It has a softened and breathable mesh. More so, it features upper rubber that further allows the shoe to be perfect for any indoor games. Besides being one of the best squash shoes, it can as well be used for playing racquetball.

Harrow Vortex shoes have a good stability at the arc thereby allowing you to easily dominate the court. The shoes are lightweight and guarantee that you won’t be doing any pointless and undesirable twists and movement during play. It likewise provides the appropriate measure of traction that you need, even in dusty courts.


  • Looks great with its decent and sleek design
  • Cozy fit, making it the best pair of shoes for the sport of squash
  • Comprised of flexible and softened materials, making the shoes sufficiently comfortable to wear
  • Grips and Grabs the court well
  • It has enough support which is useful for playing squash


  • Shoelace band is in an unbalanced position, making it somehow harder to tighten up the laces

Hello Tec Squash Indoor Court Shoes

In case you are looking for a pretty priced yet high quality and durable squash shoes, then squash shoes made Hello Tec is what you are looking for.

It is made out of a synthetic upper. Like others, it is lightweight as well as features a gum rubber outsole, making it comfortable to move at ease in the court. The outsole of this pair of shoes is non-marking and has a nice grip, making it helpful for indoor courts.

Hello Tec Squash Indoor Court Shoes

Made in view of the comfort of users, this Hello Tec squash shoes will give you a great playing experience. While not intended for outside usage, you can in any case safely wear it on outdoor games without any worries of losing its quality.

Hello Tec squash shoes are the best choice for you if you prefer classic squash shoes integrated with gummy soles. The way that it has quite an impressive cushioning inside makes the shoe more comfortable to play with. It has a dark suede trim, which you will see in all high-pressure points. Notwithstanding, they also offer sufficient grip when you wear it during a wet climate.


  • Well-built and extremely comfortable
  • Has a sufficient interior cushioning, which additionally expands its comfort
  • Perfect for indoor courts, however, you can still put it on for outdoors sports with no worries about damages
  • Has an excellent design making it more attractive
  • Its gummy soles support enough grip


  • The size is quite small
  • The sole is somehow thin, so it needss little bit of improvement

ASICS GEL-Upcourt Indoor Court Shoe

This pair of squash shoes from Asics is known as an entry-level. With its mesh upper and combined synthetic leather, you can always expect these shoes to be both breathable and comfortable. It gives genuine incentive to the money of anybody who likes to play different kind of games in different courts, for example, squash.

ASICS GEL-Upcourt Indoor Court Shoe

It additionally gives great grip when worn to play in court due to its full-length outsole made out of gum rubber. Better padding can likewise be seen from the shoes as it uses gel padding system located at the rear foot.

Perfect for playing squash, it is very valuable in ruling the game each time you set you are on the court. The way that it is both light and big additionally guarantees that you can, without doubt, move about. It has a light and airy feel, which makes it considerably more comfortable.

Besides being valuable when playing squash, you can likewise wear it for indoor badminton and volleyball. This affordable brand of squash shoes additionally keeps you from slipping in the court. finally, ensure you carefully check out the asics shoes review to be sure that It meets all you playing needs. If not, you can go for other squash shoe choices.


  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Helpful in the sport of squash as well as when playing different sports
  • Gives more grip and traction than different shoes of similar class
  • Lightweight thereby enabling you to move about effortlessly
  • Perform excellently well on surface grip
  • Simple to wash and doesn’t sweat so easily


  • Shoe insert is irremovable, as it is directly appended to the shoe
  • Does not give enough ankle support

Kelme Star 360

Kelme collaborated with Michelin to build up a comfortable, high performing, and lightweight court shoe. Making use of the most recent Michelin technology created for their tires, Kelme Star applies the greater part of the motor technology to your shoe.

Kelme Star 360

The outsole gives surface resistance and flexibility, preventing erosion and improving endurance. Michelin rubber soles give better grip and comfort for slip-resistant, rugged shoes inspired by Michelin tires. It allows complete grip from all direction due its traction pattern integrated with rubber outsole.

Not only that this shoe is known for a top-notch traction, but also shows a mesh upper and full-grain leather. Having the ability to give comfort and flexibility, the design makes it durable. The mesh and leather combination keeps your foot always cool and averts too much sweat.


  • Unrivaled grip
  • Flexible leather and mesh
  • Improves endurance
  • Breathable mesh
  • Padded insole for comfort


  • Far too bulky
  • Low quality
  • Not sufficiently durable

Prince NFS Rally

This pair of squash shoes is constructed for any indoor court surfaces and is an awesome squash trainer. The full meaning NFS is natural foot shape and this shoe possess that. The mesh upper and combined leather makes this pair of shoes comfortable, as well as provides enough breathability.

Prince NFS Rally

NFS squash shoes ae great shoes for squash, as well as for other indoor court games like racquetball and handball. The cushioned ankle collar and tongue give extra support and comfort.

The rubber outsole provides good and reliable traction, while at the same time offering extraordinary ventilation and stability. It also provide extra toe-drag protection in order to keep the sole in place as the foot slides over it. A textured sole featuring Endurance Plus Rubber provides a reliable durability and great grip.

The synthetic upper decreases the shoe weight while keeping it breathable and durable. The air mesh enables the shoe to keep up its shape and gives you additional ventilation. Integrated with a lightweight EVA and thick midsole that serves as a shock absorber and helps your joints by decreasing impacts. So, in case you are looking for cheap squash shoes to begin you squash career, then you can go for this squash shoe brand.


  • Unrivaled durability and traction
  • Toe drag protection
  • Mesh paneling for proper ventilation
  • Lightweight support and cushioning
  • Shock absorber
  • Insole cushioning, ankle-collar and tongue, thereby adding comfort
  • Breathable


  • Complaint about sole falling off after few usage

ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 10

This pair of shoes gives outstanding comfort both the back and forefoot GEL padding systems that absorb shock during impacts. The padding likewise permits movement on different planes as the foot advances through the gait cycle.

ASICS Mens Gel-Challenger 10

Two layers of foam line delineate collar and shape to the athlete’s rear area (heel), making a customized fit. The Lateral Propulsion System technology lessens the heaviness of the sole unit while holding the shoe’s integrity. It also gives you improved padding and toughness.

Not just adding to the breathability, solace, and lightweight of the shoe, the mesh upper and synthetic leather improve fit and performance, which enhances stability.


  • Improved durability and padding and cushioning
  • Remarkable stability
  • Impact protection
  • Breathable
  • Emphasized mid-foot support
  • Customized, secure fit
  • Perfect traction
  • Low profile


  • Somewhat costly


One of the most commonly asked questions by newer squash players is ‘what are the best squash shoes?’ and we believe this article has done justice to it. Regardless of whether you choose to get a general court shoe or a pair of squash shoes, you have to check out the review about the features, while focusing on your personal habits when playing.

Your game can be significantly enhanced with the best possible equipment and the shoe is not an equipment to be disregarded or underestimated. Your running shoes will not offer you the traction and help that will be required to play squash, yet your indoor soccer or racquetball shoes are absolutely fine. Simply don’t give the wrong shoe a chance to injure you.