Best Tennis Elbow Brace Reviews

The DashSport Tennis Elbow Brace

A tennis elbow brace is among the vital gear pieces for individuals prone to tennis elbows. Also known as tendonitis, tennis elbow is an awful elbow injury that is common to people frequenting outdoor sports, especially tennis and golf. To begin, tennis elbows result from repetitive daily actions which put excessive stress on elbow muscles and tendons. Treatment of this condition includes adequate medication, steroid injection or surgery.

Prevention is surely better than cure. This is why, since inception, tennis elbow braces have gained immense popularity with users. They are key prevention strategies that keeps your elbows efficient and healthy for a long time. Wearing an elbow brace comes with two main advantages. The benefits include:

  • Promote and facilitate healing – tennis elbows not only result from outdoor activities. They can also be caused by simple house chores and minor activities. Besides, chores can also irritate and interrupt the healing process. This is why wearing a comfortable brace induces blood flow as well as preventing day to day activity from reactivating the injury.
  • Prevents proactive injury – many people make health decisions based on reactive reasons. For instance, individuals frequenting the gyms or courts should consider having an elbow support before injuries sets in.

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With such accrued benefits, finding the best tennis elbow brace should be a priority. This requires extensive research as you choose from the best tennis elbow braces available. Therefore, you should always evaluate them based on comfort, the support provided and value. Besides these factors, your buying guide should be primarily based on the elbow brace type.

Tennis Elbow Brace Buying Guide

Finding the best tennis elbow brace is of immense importance. Apart from the considerations mentioned above, consider looking at the type of brace as a key buying guide.

Types of Tennis Elbow Braces

Getting the right type of elbow brace ascertains proper support to your arm. Some of the types of tennis elbow braces include:

Epicondylitis clasp

These elbow brace types are known for their expensive nature. They, however, provide effective support if fitted correctly. Briefly, the epicondylitis clasps consist of a plastic clip or clasp that is fitted around the arm. The clasp is secured with a strap that has a pressure point over the muscle below the point of the painful region of the elbow.

This pressure attaches to the lateral epicondyle thus absorbing the forces causing the injury. Additionally, the clasp changes the direction at which the tendon works. Through change of direction of the forces, symptoms of tennis and golfers elbow are relieved.

Tennis elbow strap

This brace type is the simplest, cheap and easy to use. It basically involves placing a strap around the forearm below the elbow. From the strap, pressure pads apply to specific areas that relieve muscle tension and pain. This helps in redirecting the tension force allowing the injured areas to rest and recover from the strains and soreness.

Tennis elbow straps are adjustable for individual custom fit. This variable compression and sizing make it super convenient to the different levels of pain that require different amounts of pressure to heal. The working ability of this brace is summed up as counter bracing. Counter bracing reduces the tension on the muscles that attach on your elbow joint.

To ascertain pressure points, tennis elbow straps have air pockets that align on the forearm muscle. Some straps use plastic squares instead of the air pockets to deliver pressure at the desired points.

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Pros of Tennis Elbow Straps

  • Does not limit elbow movements thus users can wear the strap while playing or undertaking other routines.
  • Extensively customizable with different levels of compression
  • Comes with comfortable air pad cushions that counter the shape of your arm.
  • Has a high-quality Velcro strap

Cons of Tennis Elbow Straps

  • Since it doesn’t limit mobility, areas with more painful injuries will not be immobilized
  • Has no heat retention feature
  • Tennis elbow sleeve

Elbow compression sleeves

Elbow compression sleeves are perhaps the most versatile option of elbow braces available. These types provide a good balance of support, heat retention, protection, and compression. A balanced compression and heat retention results in enhanced blood flow with the ultimate result of reduced elbow inflammation.

Various materials are used to make elbow compression sleeves. Nylon, bamboo and the neoprene weave are among the common materials used. These sleeves provide moderate to light support depending on the type of material used. For long term wear, enthusiasts will recommend the bamboo option.

Pros of tennis elbow sleeves

  • Suitable for long term and overnight wear
  • Made with breathable material that regulates temperature for comfort.
  • Best suited for injury prevention.
  • Keeps the muscles regularly warm.

Cons of elbow sleeves

  • Only suitable where mild support is needed.
  • Not adjustable thus users should select a proper size.
  • A careful material choice is key for effective results.

With the knowledge of the various types of tennis elbow braces at hand, you will have a better idea concerning the type that will work best for you. This will be essential when answering your question on what is the best tennis elbow brace. Be it dealing with a present injury or preventing one from happening; there are diverse options available. That said, some of the best tennis elbow brace choices include the following:

Top 7 Best Tennis Elbow Braces

The Simien Tennis Elbow Brace

High-quality performance that comes in affordable pricing describes the Simien Tennis Elbow Brace. It features a smart design that works on targeted muscles of the arm rather than working on them all. Neoprene and nylon are the common materials used for making this elbow brace. This ascertains extensive flexibility and comfort. Besides, the brace will certainly serve you for a long period before tearing apart.

What makes the Simien Tennis Elbow Brace among the best tennis elbow brace is the fact that its manufacture was inspired by an affected tennis player. The player suffered a major elbow injury, which left him out of the activity for quite some months. This made him turn the negative or rather bad experience and formed a passionate company to help others prevent similar experiences.

The Simien Tennis Elbow Brace

Features of The Simien Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Materials – as mentioned, this elbow brace is made from 65% neoprene and 35% nylon. This certainly makes it the best band for tennis elbow. Just to mention, almost all brace types use neoprene to facilitate heat retention and overall insulation. This retains heat during periods of activity as well as inactivity periods. With a high percentage of neoprene, you can be sure of ample blood flow in your muscles for healing.
  • Combined brace and sleeve – the Simien Tennis Elbow Brace comes with a tennis elbow brace and a compression sleeve. This offers twice as much best tennis elbow support to stabilize your muscles, tendons, and joints. This reroutes the tension on affected areas thus brings maximum relief from pain and discomfort.
  • Sizing chart – this elbow brace comes with a convenient sizing chart. This eases your search for the best possible fit. For instance, individuals with arms measuring up to 10 inches require size S. Those with an arm circumference of 14 inches fit to M as those with 16 inches circumference should try XL.
  • Online support – Simien Tennis Elbow Brace comes eBook accessories in PDF format that provides extensive information on how to ease the pain. Besides, there are more online resources available at no cost.

Pros of The Simien Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Provides muscle tissue and pain relief
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Versatile
  • Comes with 100% money back guarantee in case it doesn’t fit you
  • Has an additional instructional eBook explaining how to use and wear the elbow brace
  • Has a sizing chart that has proven invaluable for most customers
  • It is comfortable to wear with an adjustable size thus easy to get a good fit
  • Combined elbow brace and strap is a great deal

Cons of The Simien Tennis Elbow Brace

  • There are questions over the integrity of Velcro used

The DashSport Tennis Elbow Brace

Being among the top brace pick, the DashSport Tennis Elbow Brace is a complete package. Incorporating their own copper compression sleeve is what makes this elbow brace different from other braces of this caliber. This system features various aids that provide maximum support and pain relief. They are also made from unique materials that add to the overall effectiveness of this elbow brace.

The DashSport Tennis Elbow Brace

Features of The DashSport Tennis Elbow Brace

Copper compression sleeve – as mentioned, this system comes with a copper compression sleeve that has been long valued for its healing properties. Incorporation of this metal results in the redirection of pressure and force away from the injured muscles, tendons and joints. The sleeves also have a strong fastener that ensures that it doesn’t loosen up until you loosen it. Despite using compression, your arm still has a full rotation and maximum flex potential. This increases blood flow to the affected area allowing easy healing without further strain or inflammation on the affected area.

  • Material – the DashSport Tennis Elbow Brace is made up of nylon and spandex blend that provides maximum flexibility.
  • Gripping – this compression sleeve comes with little gray grips that help in securing the sleeve onto your bicep. This gripping feature stops the compression sleeve from falling off your arm as you play or work out. Note that falling off of braces are a common problem with various elbow braces.
  • Sizing – the DashSport Tennis Elbow Brace comes in three main sizes. The X-Small size ranges between 10”-11”, the medium between 11”-12” and large for 12”-13.5”. Those with big arms shouldn’t lose hope. They can, fortunately, fit the extra-large sizes ranging from 13.5” -16.5”.
  • Support – manufacturers of the DashSport Tennis Elbow Brace provide proper labeling and eBook PDF on the exercises that will help you relieve pain and strengthen your arm preventing it from future pain.

Pros of The DashSport Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Provides an immediate pain relief
  • Fits well with a grip that allows for maximum pain relief and discomfort.
  • Comes with an odor repellant
  • Comes with anti-microbial properties
  • Has 100% money back guarantee

Cons of The DashSport Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Requires more compression for enhanced effectiveness
  • Improper size choice may impair arm circulation

The Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve

Seeking to add some little color to your life? Try the Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve. This elbow brace comes with quirky colored designs that are woven to a knit black brace. These colors guide to the countering elbow areas thus helps you fit this compression sleeve correctly. The purple zone demarcates the correct bending that should be on your elbow zone.

The Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve has vast application areas. You can use it in tennis, volleyball, powerlifting, CrossFit, and golf. This brace offers utmost protection from joint inflammation and any type of elbow pain. This facilitates an all-around protection for the arms and elbows.

The Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve

Features of The Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve

  • Materials – unlike other elbow braces, the Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve is made up of three key materials. They include nylon at 70%, rubber at 15% and spandex and knit at 15%. This provides utmost comfort and breathability without sacrificing on elbow mobility.
  • Sizing – like other braces, the range of sizes provided by this product makes it possible for everyone to wear. From teenager to a stout person, the measurements starting from7.5” for small and 12+” for large.
  • Support – the Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve features an easy fit and maximum flexing that provides immense best elbow support for tennis elbow. As mentioned before, you need to match your elbow to the orange horizontal stripes to experience full benefits of this 4way stretch technology. Manufacturers of this sleeves attest that it is more effective for use as preventive and alleviative functions rather than for curative processes.

Pros of The Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve

  • Its fabric weave offers a perfect non-slip fitting affection without constricting mobility
  • Made with a superior design providing incredible support and comfort
  • The sleeve applies the right amount of pressure on elbows, joints, and tendons
  • Gives phenomenal protection
  • Kunto materials are well ventilated thus regulates arm temperature

Cons of The Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve

  • Doesn’t support and alleviate tennis elbow pain satisfactorily
  • Some users raise concerns of inadequate compression

The Yosoo Tennis Elbow Brace

Finding a multifunctional elbow brace can be quite daunting. However, thanks to the Yosoo Tennis Elbow Brace that presents versatile usage options. So to say, it relieves pain as well as providing great arm support. This makes it a suitable brace of choice for golfers and tennis players intending to relieve pain and prevent injury. That said, the Yosoo Tennis Elbow Brace is the best tennis elbow brace choice for the following categories of people:

  • Those suffering various elbow joint inflammations and discomfort.
  • Those with physical deficiency and require daily warming such as the elderly
  • Individuals sensitive to hot and cold changes
  • Those vulnerable to injuries especially sports and daily exercises aficionados.

The Yosoo Tennis Elbow Brace

Features of The Yosoo Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Come with an adjustable elbow support to provide maximum elbow support with utmost comfort.
  • Made with a breathable fabric composed of high-quality stretch nylon material and neoprene. This provides better ventilation to keep your skin cool and dry when using.
  • Fitted with adjustable straps to accommodate all muscle sizes.
  • Comes with a slip-on design thus easy to apply. Additionally, its contour results prevent occasional slippage, bunching, discomfort, and misfit as experienced with other sleeves.
  • Designed with protection, support to weak, sore and injured elbows in mind.
  • Its magic stick design makes it highly resistant to pilling and wear. It is also lightweight and easy to transport and store.

Pros of The Yosoo Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Easy to clean and highly washable.
  • Has an attractive appearance.

Cons of The Yosoo Tennis Elbow Brace

  • There are complaints about its ventilation as it causes sweat and offensive odors.

The Witkeen 2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace

The Witkeen 2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace with compression pad offers a two in one set. The brace maximizes both joint and muscle pain relief. Additionally, basketball players, golfers, weight lifters and tennis players benefit from its injury prevention abilities. This product features a combination of compression pad and brace abilities thus offering many benefits especially in enhancing muscle strength.

The Witkeen 2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace

Features of The Witkeen 2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Comes with a brace and compression pads – this prevents the occurrence of tennis elbows and other prevalent conditions that primarily affect muscles, tendons, and joints.
  • Has a two-strap design – this provides an extra support as well as easy adjustment for a perfect fit.
  • Hand grip – this is a bonus feature that strengthens the muscles, joints, and tendons of the hand, arms and wrists.
  • E-guide and support – manufacturers of this product provide useful online information aimed at educating users on how to revert tennis elbows as well as similar conditions quickly.

Pros of The Witkeen 2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Has an unbeatable double guarantee thus risk free
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Provides comfortable elbow support
  • Its strap is adjustable thus fit to all forearms
  • Alleviates relief from elbow joint pain

Cons of Witkeen 2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Some users raise minimal complaints of itching
  • Allergy due to materials used

The Azsport Tennis Elbow Brace

This is a one-stop brace choice for tennis and golf elbow issues. Designed with advanced technology, the Witkeen 2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace ascertains a fully stable forearm muscle and improved blood circulation to ease muscle stress and related injuries.

The Azsport Tennis Elbow Brace

Features of The Witkeen 2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Relatively economical – the Witkeen 2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace retails at a reasonable price despite providing effective relief for tennis and golf elbow pain.
  • Adjustable band – this brace comes with an adjustable brand making it easy to use. It is also secure providing maximum relief with much ease.

Pros of The Witkeen 2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace

  • It is sturdy and well made
  • Provides exceptional elbow support
  • Made with soft and comfortable support
  • Easy adjustability and provides immediate relief from pain
  • Has included Velcro straps that are string and hold the strap securely
  • Manufacturers provide a lifetime guarantee
  • Ideal for diverse sporting activities especially those involving forearms

Cons of The Witkeen 2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Some users complain of extra tightness thus may result in arm numbness

The Mueller Adjustable Elbow Support Brace

Individuals looking to find quality wrist brace for tennis elbows to use regularly should try the Mueller Adjustable Elbow Support Brace. This brace is made from light materials that are not only comfortable but also longer lasting.

Features of The Mueller Adjustable Elbow Support Brace

  • Materials – this brace is made from one major material, neoprene, which has excellent heat retention abilities. This keeps temperature levels constant despite prevailing conditions. It also provides increased circulation to help relieve elbow pain as well as promoting healing.
  • Has a Velcro strap that allows the elbow brace to customize the band as per individually desired fit.
  • Provides extra coverage for enhanced support and stability

Pros of The Mueller Adjustable Elbow Support

  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Made from lightweight materials
  • Adjustability makes its use versatile
  • Exceptionally effective in easing tennis elbow pain

Cons of The Mueller Adjustable Elbow Support

  • Padding isn’t excellent
  • Doesn’t provide much pain relief


Elbow sleeves and braces promise instant relief from resulting elbow pain and injuries. Most products available the market promise to deliver relief without much doubt. However, not all products fulfill their promises. This is why a careful search for the best tennis elbow brace shouldn’t be an option.

Marshall up the various resources available to guide you in the search as well as answering what is the best brace for tennis elbow. Apart from the slight descriptions of the best elbow braces provided above, other worthwhile products to note include the following:

  • The Tommie Cooper Compression Elbow Sleeve
  • The McDavid 6440 HEX Padded Knee, Shin and Elbow Sleeve
  • The CopperJoint Compression Elbow Sleeve
  • The McDavid 512 Elastic Elbow Sleeve
  • The Zensah Compression Sleeve among others.

Note that the cautious search process for the best-rated tennis elbow brace should involve a critical consideration of the features, pros, and cons of individual products. Having a look at personal best tennis elbow brace reviews and verified customer feedbacks could also come in handy. Price and brand of the brace should also be considered.

Most importantly, always have a deep understanding of the working process of these devices. This will guide you in making the right choice, which meets and suits individual needs.