Best Trampoline Reviews, Ratings for Indoor & Outdoor

If you’ve never been on a trampoline, it’s one of the funnest activities that you’ll ever try! Not only does it get you outdoors, but it also helps you socialize with your family and friends and gets you some great physical activity. But when it comes to reading trampoline reviews and searching for the best trampoline to buy, the challenge can be big because there are tons of trampolines out there to choose from.

You’ll need to do your research and learn about the best brands, models and sizes. Fortunately, with the guide below, all of this will come easily because I’ve put in the work for you! Just check out the following informational sections, trampoline ratings and trampoline reviews and you’ll be sure to find the best and safest trampoline for your family in no time.

Our Top 10 Recommended Trampolines

Best Trampolines Reviews

1. Skywalker 15 Feet Round Trampoline

Skywalker 15 Feet Round Trampoline

The Skywalker 15 trampoline is a 15ft trampoline. I recommend that those with more than 2 kids get either a 15 footer like the Skywalker 15 Feet Round Trampoline or a 16 trampoline. The latter is 16 feet and just a tad bigger, so it doesn’t make much difference.

On this model, I love the stay-put enclosure, color choices and durable frame. That’s why I recommend it all the time, and that’s why it’s at number one. The trampoline is made of polyethylene and features reinforced T sockets for stability.

2. Ultega Jumper Trampoline

Ultega Jumper Trampoline

The Ultega Jumper Trampoline is available in a number of sizes, including 10 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet, 6 feet and 8.25 feet. This trampoline can hold up to 200 pounds when one person is jumping only.

It has a galvanized steel frame, which prevents tipping and a large, high quality enclosure net to keep falls from happening. This is one of the safest models on the list.

3. Skywalker 12 Feet Round Trampoline

Skywalker 12 Feet Round Trampoline

For the best 12 foot trampoline, I recommend the Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad. For a 12 trampoline, which tends to be a bit smaller than average, the Skywalker 12 Feet Round Trampoline still has all the bells and whistles.

The stay-put enclosure net keeps kids safe so that this model can be used by children 6 and over. There are reinforced T sockets and a heavy gauge galvanized steel frame to keep the unit from rocking or tipping.

4. ExacMe 15 Feet Trampoline

ExacMe 15 Feet Trampoline

The ExacMe 15 Feet Trampoline is available in 12 feet, 14 feet or 15 feet. One review mentioned that some reinforcement was needed for the netting poles, but I have never seen any trouble with it. The jumping pad sits 5 to 6 feet off the ground. This trampoline is sold at a decent price, which is great for your wallet, but it may not have all of the safety features that other models have.

5. Zupapa Trampoline TÜV Approved

Zupapa Trampoline TÜV Approved

The Zupapa Trampoline TÜV Approved is a wonderful trampoline that also comes with a rain cover as well as a ladder and enclosure. The jumping mat is high quality and made in Germany as all Zupapa materials are.

First, let’s discuss the contents of this package. A small ladder comes with the trampoline as well as the enclosure net to keep children safe. Safety is one of the hallmarks of the Zupapa brand, and they are known for it. Net poles and trampoline legs are made of heavy duty, high quality steel to keep the unit in place even when heavy jumping is going on from side to side.

In addition to a great form and lots of safety features, the construction is quick and painless with no need to hammer or drill on this model. Inside the packages, you’ll get a full instruction manual and a T-hook.

6. Skywalker 15’ Rectangle Trampoline

Skywalker 15’ Rectangle Trampoline

The Skywalker 15’ Rectangle Trampoline is slightly more expensive than some of the models listed in this guide, but it has great quality. There is an enclosure net on the rectangular jump pad that is made of polyethylene and protects against UV rays for super safe jumping.

The frame on the Skywalker 15’ Rectangle Trampoline is made from high quality galvanized steel so that it’s stable even with heavy jumping or when situated on uneven ground. Spring pads are attached easily to the frame, and stretchy bands help keep them secure. When attaching the safety enclosure net, you simply interlock the net with the jumping mat with a special button hole feature. This helps keep any hardware away from jumpers, but the attachment is still secure enough to stay put.

7. Pure Fun 12’ Round Trampoline

Pure Fun 12’ Round Trampoline

The Pure Fun 12’ Round Trampoline is sold at an excellent price. This trampoline is made of vinyl and is colored blue, green, yellow and black with a silver frame. The frame is made of galvanized iron steel tubing that is also resistant to rust.

There is a patented T joint system that doesn’t need welding. The necessary tool is included. The jump pad is made of Polypro, and this product comes with a UV resistant enclosure made of mesh.

8. Springfree 11’ Square Trampoline

Springfree 11’ Square Trampoline

The Springfree 11’ Square Trampoline is the best Skywalker square trampoline on the market. Keep in mind that the shape is not entirely square but has rounded corners.

The special Springfree jumping technology allows your kids and you to jump with safety first. There are no springs to get caught on, so it’s ultra safe for anyone. The UV resistant nets are made of polypropylene, and the rods are fiberglass. This product is rather expensive, but remember the safety features and high quality. You can even leave it outdoors all year long.

9. BouncePro 14’ Round Trampoline

BouncePro 14’ Round Trampoline

The BouncePro 14’ Round Trampoline is one of my favorite 14 ft trampoline models. A 14 foot trampoline or 14 trampoline as some call it is sort of hard to come by because many of the models tend to be either 12 or 15 feet in size.

This 14 trampoline with enclosure also has a great price, so it’s good for a starter trampoline if you’ve never had one before. The enclosure also keeps your kids super safe.

10. SKYTRIC Trampoline

SKYTRIC Trampoline

If the on this Bouncepro 14 trampoline above didn’t catch your eye, there is the SKYTRIC Trampoline. This trampoline can be purchased in 14 feet, or you can buy it in 11 feet, 13 feet or 8 feet.

The SKYTRIC Trampoline features a top flex pole enclosure for extra safety as well as top durability and stability. There is a thick foam safety pad as well, and the W shaped legs are heavy duty and strong. I also like that this mode of trampoline is extremely easy to put together.

What Is a Trampoline?

best trampolineA trampoline is essentially an elevated sheet of fabric that is able to stretch in many directions. It is connected to springs on all sides so that you can then jump onto the fabric or simply move on it, and this will cause the fabric to move and stretch with you. As you jump with more force and also land with more force as you come down from high jumps, you will also notice that you can be thrown to great heights on a trampoline.

Trampolines come in many forms. You can find mini trampolines that span only about 4 or 5 feet in diameter and stand about 1 foot off the ground or huge trampolines that span several yards and stand about a yard or two off the ground. Some trampolines have walls on them for safety as well, and there are many shapes to choose from, including squares, ovals, circles and rectangles.

The Benefits of a Trampoline

Owning and using trampolines on a regular basis has a number of wonderful benefits. First, trampolines make great exercise. Moving and jumping on a trampoline works your muscles and helps you improve your cardiovascular health and muscular health.

In addition, trampolines are great activities for socializing. If your kids are going to have friends over, they can play on your trampoline instead of simply sitting in front of the computer or TV or playing video games. You can socialize with your own family on a trampoline as well.

Finally, trampolines get you outdoors into the fresh air. Many people exercise on treadmills or at the gym, and even though any form of physical activity is great for you, getting outside can make you feel renewed and regenerated, and the vitamin D that you get from the sun when you’re outdoors is essential to your overall health and well-being.

How to Use and Have Fun on a Trampoline

Trampolines are extremely diverse, and as you get better at handling how your own trampoline functions, you’ll get the hang of the dos and don’ts. With that being said, there are a still few guidelines that everyone should follow when on a trampoline.

To make sure your home has a safe trampoline, choose an enclosed trampoline and get trampoline pads to keep individuals from bouncing off or hurting themselves on the springs. Tell newcomers to jump low to begin with, and always respect the trampoline weight limit. In addition, never do flips unless you’re a professional or know exactly what you’re doing. And finally, never use a trampoline alone as this can be dangerous.

Different Types of Trampolines

As you search through the best rated trampolines, you’ll have a number of different types and different trampoline sizes to choose from. Below, I’ve outlined the basic types for your perusal.

1. Recreational Trampolines

SKYTRIC TrampolineMost often, those who are shopping for a trampoline are looking for a typical recreational trampoline, and typical recreational trampolines tend to be rectangle trampolines as well. There are some round and square trampolines, but the rectangle size is the most popular size right now.

Rectangular trampoline reviews are easy to come buy, and that makes finding one of the best rectangular trampolines fairly easy. You can also find a recreational, rectangle trampoline for sale almost anywhere where trampolines are sold.

These trampolines are used mostly for simple play and recreation in a backyard or at a gym or community center. For home use, many families choose to buy a rectangular trampoline with enclosure. This is because a rectangle trampoline with enclosure is much safer than plane trampolines with open sides.

2. Competitive Trampolines

The best trampoline for adults who are serious about the sport of using trampolines is the professional trampoline. If you see a rectangle trampoline for sale, this will probably be one of the professional trampolines that are on the market. These types of trampoline tend to have a lighter, net-like jumping pad, and there is thicker padding on the edges to cover the springs. In some cases, the professional trampoline that you see will be too big for backyards.

One other thing to remember is that if you are asking yourself “how much do trampolines cost?” as you’re reading this, you might want to avoid the adult trampoline models because these are naturally going to be the most expensive products of the bunch. In other words, if you’re more of an amateur who simply wants a decent quality backyard trampoline, you won’t need a competitive trampoline high spring or a professional trampoline with net and all the added features. Instead, a basic medium sized trampoline will work just fine for you.

3. Mini Trampolines

Mini TrampolinesMini trampolines are the typical good trampolines that you used to see at boxing gyms or backyards. In fact, you can still see mini trampolines in these places!

These gym or backyard trampolines can be great for people to workout with, or they can be fun toys for kids. Some people call them rebounders. The shape of these is generally round, and as their name suggests, they are also quite small.

These types of trampolines are not springless trampolines. They do have springs, but they are quite small, so they have a low impact. In fact, many people who want to get a great cardiovascular workout without hurting their joints choose mini trampolines because of their low impact.

One other key benefit to these small, top rated trampolines is that they are relatively inexpensive, and even if you don’t have a large home or backyard area, they are small enough to store in closets or under beds.

4. Kids Trampolines

Kids TrampolinesThe best trampolines for kids are naturally those that were created with kids in mind. They tend to be small and extremely safe with netting, rebounders and pads.

Many families who want to buy the best outdoor trampoline or best indoor trampoline are really looking for a kid trampoline. The top trampoline for kids is one that has lots of safety features and isn’t too big so that jumps can’t be dangerous. Many families opt for the overall best backyard trampoline for their kids, but in reality, the best kids trampoline is simply focused on safety.

Lastly, keep in mind that the best backyard trampoline for kids is not necessarily going to be the best trampoline for toddlers. Because toddlers are not easy on their feet and legs yet, the best toddler trampoline needs to be extremely safe and will probably be small. Fortunately, the small size means that the top rated trampoline for toddlers will generally be inexpensive as well.

5. Water Trampolines

Water TrampolinesMost people have not heard of water trampolines, but as soon as you start reading through water trampoline reviews, you’ll see that these are some of the funnest pieces of sports equipment that you can find! Water trampolines tend to be circular, and they can be put onto any large body of water, but they are not for use on oceans or bodies of water with large waves. In this way, they’re best for lakes and ponds.

Water trampolines have an inflatable edge with the jump pad in the middle. Sometimes, other trampolines or slides may be attached to them.

These products are usually the typical medium trampoline size, and they tend not to come with a trampoline safety net because users will want to bounce off of these trampolines and into the water.

Safety is a huge focus with these products. Users must be good swimmers and follow safety guidelines. The water should also be over 10 feet deep at all areas around the trampoline, or if not, diving should not be allowed.

Our Top 5 Best Trampoline Brands

The top trampoline brands are easy to find because frankly, there actually aren’t too many trampoline manufacturers on the market compared to other pieces of sports or outdoor equipment. The following is a list of the best spring and no spring trampoline brands.

Skywalker Trampolines

Skywalker trampoline reviews are some of the best that you will read. This is an extremely popular brand. Their biggest strength is manufacturing safe trampolines and safe trampoline accessories. For example, if you’re looking for a top quality trampoline safety net, this is the brand to go with.

Since its foundation, this company consistently meets all ASTM safety standards. Skywalker trampolines are made in America, and their current headquarters is in Brigham City in Utah. The company was founded over a decade ago in 2004.

One of the things that I love most about this company is their customer service. Any problem that you have with one of their products, Skywalker will help you. Their 90 day warranty is always honored, and it covers almost everything on your trampoline. A year long warranty is available for the trampoline springs and frames as well.

Springfree Trampolines

Springfree trampoline reviews are some of the best. Springfree is actually a brand and a style. If you’ve ever accidentally slipped through the springs of a trampoline, then you know how dangerous it can be. It can also be extremely uncomfortable.

Springfree trampolines are a new invention that allows you to eliminate the possibility of accidentally falling through the springs. There’s also no need to replace mats or springs.

The technology for these trampolines was created by a father who wanted to make a trampoline that was safer for his daughter. He was an engineer, and he developed the SoftEdge mat to do just that. FlexiNet surrounds the Springfree trampolines as well, and this provides a safe enclosing around the trampoline to help protect children from falling completely off the jump pad.

Bounce Pro

Bounce Pro trampolines are made by the parent company Sportspower Limited. You can find these affordable trampolines at many brick and mortar chain stores. They may also be available online through these chain stores.

I have read several positive Bounce Pro trampoline reviews and found them to be a good company. Sportspower Limited makes all different kinds of sports equipment, but they specialize in trampolines and accessories for trampolines. The accessories include enclosures, pads, nets and other safety and fun features.

Trampolines from this company come in different shapes and sizes, but for the most part, they are circular and tend to be rather small. These are definitely affordable trampolines.

Pure Fun

Pure Fun is another brand of trampolines that I like. This brand is actually a sector of Pure Global Brands Inc. The main focus is all different types of sports and physical fitness equipment. Pure Fun trampoline reviews tend to be extremely positive, but there are also times when people have said that Pure Fun has let them down slightly. I tend to like Pure Fun.

All of the products that Pure Fun puts out are tested to meet the standards and safety requirements of ASTM, CE and GS/TUV. I also find that another benefit to this brand of trampoline is that they are affordable. Even if you’re not well off, you should be able to afford a trampoline from Pure Fun.


EXACME makes many different kinds of trampolines as well. These trampolines are under the umbrella of NewAcme LLC, which was founded in 2011. Originally, the company was a trading company, and they made a variety of different products to sell around the world. Soon, they began to make trampolines under the EXACME name, and the EXACME trampoline reviews that I read were almost all positive. This is a great company.

What I like abut these trampolines is their durability and safety ratings. They come with net enclosures to keep kids and adults alike from falling off the edges, and they have different types of enclosures to choose from. They have both outer and intra enclosures. In addition, if you ever lose or break a specific part, you can always reorder from them directly.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Trampoline

If you’ve read through any trampolines reviews, then you already know how many factors there are to consider when it comes to buying one of these products.

You’ll want to consider how much you want to spend, the size and shape of the trampoline you desire, where you’ll be using it and many other factors concerning quality and style. Safety is yet another factor to think about.

Below, I’ve outlined the most important things to think about before making a final purchase.

Place of Use

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a TrampolineFirst, think about where you will be using this trampoline. For most people, the answer will be outdoors, but keep in mind that some trampolines are made only for indoor use, and these might cost less, but they will not last if you leave them outdoors. You should never try to leave a trampoline that is meant for indoor use outdoors.

Indoor trampolines may be less expensive. For example, small or mini trampolines tend to be best for indoor use, and these are extremely affordable. If you leave them outside, they may be damaged by the elements, but indoors, they’ll last for a long time.

Some good news is that large typical trampolines will usually be fine for outdoor use or indoor use. In terrible winter weather, a standard trampoline might not fair very well, but regular wear and tear from the elements should be fine.

Shape of Trampoline

You should also keep in mind that trampolines come in a variety of sizes. For example, you can get a round, oval, rectangle or square shaped trampoline. Most of the trampolines on the market today are circular, and oval trampolines are actually quite rare.

On the other hand, rectangular trampolines tend to be prevalent, and they are usually seen as the professional varieties. Square trampolines tend to be just as rare as oval trampolines. There are also some trampolines that are octagonal.

The actual shape of the trampoline doesn’t matter, but most families and people who want trampolines for recreational use will choose circular models.

Size of Trampoline

With many pieces of outdoor equipment, bigger is better. For example, a bigger basketball hoop is arguably better than a small, short one. But with trampolines, you might not need a large space to jump on, and in this case, bigger isn’t necessarily better.

For example, if you are in the market for a kids trampoline, smaller is just fine, and it will actually be safer in the long run. Larger trampolines can make more room for injury. In addition, if your trampoline is primarily for small jumping and light exercise, you should consider a small size. You won’t need a large trampoline for your exercise.

Keep in mind that some types of trampolines only come in set sizes. For example, small exercise trampolines tend to be about 4 feet in diameter, and water trampolines tend to be around 10 to 15 feet in diameter.

Trampoline Accessories

Trampoline AccessoriesA number of trampoline brands offer accessories for the main part of the trampoline. There are all different types of items that you can get, but most of the time, people are interested in jump pads, basketball hoops and enclosure nets.

My personal favorite accessory for trampolines is the enclosure net. Kids are often averse to this accessory because it means that they won’t be able to jump off the trampoline itself. The good news is that you won’t fall off the trampoline. Trampolines are certainly fun, but they can be dangerous too, and especially when children get rowdy, it can be difficult to keep them from jumping high and possibly falling off and hurting themselves. In addition to enclosures, you can also get basketball hoops and pads as well.

Overall Trampoline Safety

Reading various trampolines reviews will help you figure out how safe your trampoline is. In general, you should look for as many safety features as possible as you peruse different trampoline models, but keep in mind that safety has most to do with you.

In this way, make sure that you read the safety instructions for whatever model of trampoline that you have before you use it. All trampolines have some of the same basic safety instructions, but it’s important to remember that certain trampolines will have specific instructions, so read the booklet to be sure. In general, you should never exceed the weight limit, you should never have more people on the trampoline than the instruction booklet recommends, and you should not do flips or jump off the trampoline unless you are a professional or well trained.

Trampoline Weight Limit

I always recommend to customers and friends who want to buy a new trampoline that they consider how many people will typically be on the trampoline at one time, and I also suggest that they try to figure out what their combined weight would be.

I suggest this because I think it’s important to know whether or not you’re near or far from the weight limit on your trampoline. Being near the maximum weight limit or over it can be extremely dangerous and may even cause the collapse of your trampoline.

Trampoline Frame Quality

Trampoline Frame QualityThe quality of the frame that is on your trampoline is important. Some trampolines have high quality frames that will hold up to years of jumping and to harsh elements while you will notice that other frames tend to break down only after a short amount of time.

If you plan on leaving your trampoline outdoors for a long period of time, you should invest in a high quality frame for your trampoline. Additionally, if you plan on keeping your trampoline in a place where rain, snow and storms will be frequent, you might consider a higher quality to help stand the test of time.

Overall Price

The overall price of your trampoline will be another consideration that you will need to make. You should consider setting up the maximum amount of money that you want to pay before you even go shopping to avoid breaking your bank account altogether on this purchase.

Remember that some brands cost more, and certainly, if you go for the bigger and better quality, you will definitely pay more. With this being said, you’ll want the better quality if you plan on using your trampoline regularly and using it for a long time.

Warranty on Merchandise

Last but certainly not least, consider looking for a trampoline company that offers warranties. If you don’t get a free warranty, you might consider paying to have a warranty. Paying for a warranty may seem like a bad idea to many people because if you never have it use it, you’ll be wasting money.

But in many cases, it’s a good idea because if something does happen, you’re covered for all parts and pieces. Warranties are offered for a number of time durations, but I usually recommend getting one for 2, 3 or more years.

Tips on Choosing the Best Trampoline


Shopping for a trampoline can be fun, or it can be a hassle. If you’re not sure what it is that you’re looking for, you’ll need to narrow down your list of options, and this will help tremendously. But in addition, use the following tips and tricks to choose the best possibly product for your home.

Make sure that you have the space for your new trampoline, and make sure that the space is safe as well.

Trampolines take up a lot of room, so before you go about shopping for a new one, make sure that you have the room for it. Most people put outdoor trampolines in their front yards, side yards or backyards, but you still need to have enough space. Remember that trampolines should not be near the street or road either, so take that into consideration.

If price is a factor, consider buying a used trampoline.

Used trampolines are sold at a great price, and they are often just as good as all the other brand new models. Trampolines can last for a long time, so if someone sells their trampoline after only a few years, you should consider buying it. Used trampolines are also sold online as well.

Shop online for the best deals.

Lastly, remember that the Internet always has the best possible deals for your trampoline and most other outdoors sports equipment pieces as well. Avoid shopping at big box stores because it will take you more time and energy, and you also might not get the best deals at brick and mortar stores.

Where to Buy a Trampoline?

When you are looking for the best trampoline to buy, you’ll have a lot of trampolines on sale to choose from. But where should you shop? First, keep in mind that costs run the gamut from cheap trampolines to extremely expensive models, so if you are only looking for cheap trampolines for sale, make sure to shop around and do your cost research before you make a purchase.

Where to Buy a Trampoline?In addition, consider buying used trampolines for sale if you’re seriously concerned about money. Brick and mortar stores can be great for both new and used trampolines, but I actually recommend the Internet. It has the biggest selection, and great sites like Amazon have all the top trampolines at great prices. I have a trampoline Amazon at home, and my whole family loves it.

How Much Is a Trampoline?

As the owner of a sporting goods line, I often get asked “how much are trampolines?” But to answer the question of how much does a trampoline cost necessitates knowing a lot more about what the individual is shopping for specifically. That’s why when you buy a trampoline or when you buy trampoline accessories, I always suggest that you make a least of needs and wants first.

Big trampolines for sale can cost a pretty penny, so this means that you’ll want to make sure that you’re making the right choice on your final decision. Just make a list of the factors that you’re looking for and go shopping after that. This will help a lot on your search for the best outdoor trampoline or best pro trampoline.

Summary and Making Your Final Decision on Trampoline

After reading the entirety of this guide to the best trampolines and trampoline reviews or even if you just skimmed it, I hope that you will be able to make a great purchase on a brand new trampoline. But of course, I always tell people that the great trampoline is the one that fits your needs even if that means it’s not the most popular or most sought after model.

Summary and Making Your Final Decision on TrampolineWith the above information under your belt, you should know everything that you need to know in order to make an informed purchase. But if you are still on the fence about which of the top rated trampolines to buy, then I offer you the following key advice.

Make sure that you make a comprehensive list of all the factors that you’ll be looking for in a trampoline. You can ask yourself the questions below to get you started.

Questions to Ask Before Making a Final Trampoline Purchase

Where will you be putting it? Is it for the indoors or the outdoors?

What shape do you want in your trampoline? How high do you want it off the ground? Will you need accessories of any kind?

Who will be jumping on it? How many people will be on the trampoline at once, and what will their approximate combined weight be?

How much are you willing to spend? Do you feel that you need a long term warranty for your trampoline purchase?

By knowing the answers to all of these questions and any others that you can think of and by reading trampoline reviews, you’ll surely narrow down your choices to a great trampoline for your home. Good luck on your search, and I hope that this guide has been of some help to you!