How To Improve Your Golf Swing?

Let’s face it, if your golf swing is subpar, your game will be also. You need to have a proper golf swing in order to get the golf ball to the green as well as in the hole once you arrive at the green. Think about the movie “Happy Gilmore” The main character, who was played by Adam Sandler, had the perfect golf swing, but he lacked the basic fundamentals of golf because his putting mechanics were not perfected.

In the end, he learned how to putt, but not everyone has the ability to take lessons on how to improve your golf swing. Since having a PGA member helping you learn the proper golf swing mechanics is not an option for most, improving your game is something that you must do on your own. These golf swing tips for beginners are a few of the steps that you can take to help improve your golf game.

Identify Your Weaknesses

The only way to improve your golf game is to figure out where your weaknesses lie. Be honest with yourself; if your putting game is mediocre, then maybe you need to focus on that aspect of your game. If your swing is the actual issue, then taking the steps to correct golf swing can take a bit of effort. To figure out where the issue lies, you need to keep track of the details of your golf game.

What do your fairway hits look like? Keep track of your short games ups and downs and monitor your putt total. If you do this a few games in a row will give you a better idea of the golf swing fundamentals that you need to improve.

Slow Your Swing and Analyze

Many golf enthusiasts who are amateurs to the game of golf think that power is the key to the perfect golf swing. The truth is that power will push the ball, but even those who have a slower swing can learn to have a perfect golf swing. Slowing your basic golf swing is a great way to really feel your swing. You will be able to feel when the head of the golf club hits the ball and determine if it is at the correct angle.

Do this a few times so that you can get a step by step golf swing analysis that you can use to help you achieve the proper golf swing mechanics. The reasoning behind slowing down your swing is that you can build good habits that will help your overall golf game. Once your club face is positioned right and your golf swing sequence is in order, then you can speed up the swing to see if it has improved. Practice makes perfect, but simply swinging a club at a golf range is not going to teach you proper golf swing mechanics.

If you are having trouble analysis your golf swing, then take a step back and think of another way to learn proper golf swing technique. A lot of professional golfers actually record a video of their golf swing to help them obtain some golf swing tips.

It is not always easy to feel what you are doing incorrectly when you swing the club, but when you see it in action; you will know exactly how to improve your golf swing. You can even ask a professional to look at the video to help you determine the step by step golf swing improvements that you need to make.

Balance is Key

Your overall balance is the basis of your golf swing mechanics. If your balance is off during the swing, and you have more weight on your heels or your toes, then your swing will suffer. Your body will attempt to accommodate for the unbalance that you are experiencing during your swing, and your perfect golf swing will fail to impress you.

One of the best golf tips for beginners is that if your balance is off even the slightest amount, make an effort to improve your balance. One way to do his is to create a balance beam that you can stand on. Perfect your balance on the beam by touching your nose while standing on one foot on the beam. Once you can do this without an issue, you should begin predicting your golf swing while you are on the beam.

If you learn how to swing a golf club properly while balancing above the ground, then your basic golf swing on the ground should also have the proper golf swing mechanics.

Golf Swing Made Simple!
How To Improve Your Golf Swing?

Rotate your Body

The power of your swing is not in your arms or your hands; even though movement is required by those parts of your body to perform the perfect golf swing. The speed of your golf swing is created by the twisting of your torso during the swing. The speed and the power of your swing are increased greatly when you put the power of your torso into the swing. Once you start using your body more, you will get the ball into the air much easier, which makes your ball reach the green more often.

When you use your shoulders, hands, and arms to push the ball, then you will lose some of the control that you have on the club. Performing a correct golf swing by twisting your torso will produce a more consistent swing that you can rely on in your game.

Strengthen your Body

If you are having issues twisting your torso the way that you need to perform the perfect golf swing, then you may need to strengthen your core muscles. Adding flexibility to your hips and shoulders will add a lot of power to your basic golf swing.

Yoga and Pilates are good core strengthening exercises that can be great for improving your golf swing mechanics. Lunges, planks, and twists are a few great exercises that you can try to do right before your game as well. They serve as a way to stretch your spine and hips before you start the game.

Get Advice from the Pros

If you are having trouble figuring out how to improve your golf swing, then you should talk to an individual who has perfected their swing. If they are not able to see your golf game in action, they may have some golf swing tips that can help you learn proper golf swing mechanics. If you have time for a lesson or two, that could greatly help your golf swing, but if your time is limited, then you may need to settle for watching YouTube videos that are designed to help you improve your swing.

Video tutorials are not the best option, but if you can locate a video that a professional has posted, then it can serve as a great teaching method. In addition to training videos, PGA golfers also post their golf games with step by step golf swing analysis that you can compare to your own swing.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the new golf tech that comes out because it can help you analysis your game as well by providing instant feedback to the swings that you perform during the game. Some new gadgets like the Zepp are designed to give you a three-dimensional model of your golf swing, analysis your club speed, your tempo, your backswing, and your hip rotation. There are even apps that you can download to watch a playback that you can watch to perfect your golf swing fundamentals.

Final Thoughts

As a true golf enthusiast, you know that your swing is the basis of your entire game. Hopefully, these golf swing tips for beginners have given you some great ideas to help you improve your golf game by performing the perfect golf swing. Once you strengthen your core and perfect your balance, performing the proper golf swing mechanics will soon become second nature to you.