What is a Tennis Elbow and What Causes It?

Clinically known as lateral or exterior epicondylitis, tennis elbow is a common condition associated with tennis players. Tennis Elbow often occurs due to strenuous overuse of the tendons and muscles of the elbow joint of the forearm. It is an over use injury that commonly occurs at this junction.

Note that this area is stuffed with a large number of pain receptors. This makes the are tender to touch and extensively sensitive.

Difference Between Shuttle and Badminton

Shuttle and badminton are two entirely distinct racket sport though they appear to be alike and similar in some techniques, style and even, court of play. Respectively, one still need to use a shuttlecock attached with a plastic skirt that takes the shape of a feather and the other a yellow ball specially covered with wool synthesis. Taking an intensive and much closer look at both parties, the difference between shuttle and badminton will be vividly revealed.

Badminton is a native sport originated from India. It is a racket game usually played with using a yellow ball made out of wool. The badminton court has a fixed dimension of about 12 by 24 meters separated by a net. The game has been in existence since 1856 by the royal family who existed in Tanjore, which is the capital of Thanjavur territory in India, Tamil Nadu to be precise.

The territory has the largest population in India during that time. Ball badminton is a quick-paced game; it requires skills, snappy reflexes, good decision-making ability, agility, and capacity to control the ball effectively with one’s wrist.

Badminton Vs. Tennis – Which One Is More Challenging?

The discussion on the better game between badminton and tennis is certainly an intriguing one. Arguing that one is more fun than the other sounds low as all sports games should be fun.

However, with a closer look, there are several differences between these two games. Noting the more demanding game between tennis and badminton could be quite daunting. Nevertheless, the differences can be elicited with a better understanding.

That said, it is better to initially look at the two games individually.

Guide to Best Ping Pong Tables and TOP 9 Tables Reviewed

We discuss what needs to be considered before choosing a ping pong table. Then we take a look at 9 of the best indoor, outdoor and best cheap ping pong tables and give you our recommendations.

There are scores of ping pong tables in the marketplace today, but getting the right one for you does not have to be a mind-numbing task.

Let’s break it down and go over the primary considerations to prepare you to choose the best ping pong table for your needs.