How to Set Up A Trampoline: Trampoline Assembly Instructions

Once you’ve made your final purchase of a trampoline, you’ll be ready to start assembling it. If you don’t know how to install trampoline, this may seem like a daunting task as trampolines are large pieces of recreational equipment, and you’re likely to have several big boxes full of pieces and parts as well as a long instruction booklet. But don’t let all of this get you down. Assembling a trampoline is really not that difficult if you break the process up into parts. Below, you’ll find trampoline assembly instructions that work for almost all types of trampolines. Follow the directions here and in your trampoline set instruction booklet for the best results.

How to Assemble a Trampoline

trampoline assembly1. Look at your trampoline packages before doing anything.

Many people start assembling their trampoline after taking one back home from the store or after one box has arrived at their home, but it’s important to remember that most of the time, trampolines are delivered in two boxes.

Also make sure that the package or packages that arrived at your home or that you picked up at the store are not damaged, or if they are, take pictures so that if something is missing or damaged inside the box, you’ll have evidence of the damage.

2. Make sure that you have all the tools you’ll need.

Assembling a trampoline means using certain tools that won’t necessarily come with the trampoline itself. The trampoline tool instructions should tell you right off the bat what it is that you will need, so just make sure to check this before doing anything else. Most packages do at least come with a trampoline spring tool.

You probably want to buy or borrow any necessary tools before beginning so that you don’t have to halt your work right in the middle of assembly.

3. Lay out all the parts and pieces before you begin assembly.

Instead of just dumping everything into one huge pile or trying to pull out the parts and pieces that you need as you need them, lay out everything that comes with your trampoline. Put it all on your driveway, lawn or floor in an orderly fashion so that you can see what you have and how many of each piece you have.

4. Make sure that all of the parts and pieces are there, including nuts and bolts.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for a few pieces to be missing from your trampoline assembly box or boxes. You might notice that a large piece is missing or it might just be a small bolt or nut here or there.

The important thing here is that you’ll want to know this before you begin assembly or you could run into long delays and serious problems in the middle if you work.

The good news is that most trampoline assembly instruction booklets will come with a page or two depicting all of the parts and pieces that you should have. The pieces are usually rendered in pictures for easy perusal.

Take a red pencil and go through everything that you should have, checking each piece off to make sure that all of the parts and pieces are there before you begin assembling your trampoline.

Trampoline Frame Quality5. Read through the trampoline assembly instructions.

You will need to read through the assembly instructions as you go along your assembly work, but to make everything easier, simply sit down and read the instruction booklet from front to back in its entire ready before you even begin putting the first two pieces together. This will give you a rough idea of what to expect throughout the entire assembly experience, and it will let you know of any time restraints you may have so that you can try to get all of the

6. Assemble the jumping pad first and attach it to the trampoline ring.

The trampoline spring ring needs to be attached on all sides to the jumping pad. You’ll need a large area in which to do this part of the assembly process.

7. Attach the trampoline legs.

Next, you’ll attach the trampoline legs. You’ll also need a large area for this. Most of the pieces should fit together easily. Once you have them together, you can attach them as a whole to the jump pad and springs.

8. Add the spring protector.

This part can be tricky. Most of the time, the spring protector goes on after the legs. You’ll need to lay out the protector around the rim of the trampoline and match the holes up with the top knobs of the legs. There will then be attachment pieces to keep it in place.

9. Add screen protectors and other accessories.

Not all trampolines come with screen protectors, basketball hoops, pads and other safety or game features, but a lot of the newer models do, so this step may or may not be pertinent to your trampoline model. To carry out the attachment of these features, just follow the instructions.

10. Remember that all trampolines are not the same.

These last few trampoline instructions tell you how to assemble almost all types of trampolines, but you also must remember that not all trampolines are made alike. For example, how to make a trampoline from Springfree may not be how to make a trampoline from Jumpstar trampolines. Springfree trampoline instructions may have you putting together the legs after putting on the spring protector whereas Jumpstar does the opposite.

In this way, how to put a trampoline together for your specific trampoline brand may vary slightly from the instructions provided here, so always pay attention to the instruction booklet that comes with your particular model of trampoline.

11. Enjoy your trampoline!

The final step in this process is the easiest one. You’re now ready to enjoy the fun that your trampoline will provide for you and your family! Just remember to always review the safety guidelines in your instruction booklet and follow these rules for fun and safe jumping on your brand new trampoline.